Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Series: Review Request!


I'd like to maybe start a series where I give one reader a product to review and write me a guest review. I have a lot of products and I won't ever be able to get through all of them, if I did get through them and review all of them I'd have to change my makeup around 3x a day and I don't want to do that!

I already have Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette and the BOS IV, I'll get round to reviewing them eventually, but I'd like a review of the new Mariposa palette, I just don't want another palette taking up more non-existent room in my bedroom! I also have so many mascaras and other bits and bobs, I may also want to send you a product I haven't got on well with and I'd like another opinion on it. I'll let you know what the condition of the product is each time.

I'd like to set a few rules though and I'll explain how it'll work too:

- If you leave your interest in the form I'll create each time with all questions answered, I'll look at every entry individually and pick a top 5/10? depending on the level of interest and then use to pick someone.
- I'd like a review within 3 weeks of you receiving the product, including before and after pictures if applicable, swatches, photos and your review.
- You must have your parents' permission if you are under 18 and you must be a follower of my blog.
- I'll let the person know after 2 weeks exactly of each post going up and it is international.

That's it! :) Please keep your end of the bargain because I will be purchasing everything or have already bought everything with my own money. Once you've emailed me the review and photos that's all you have to do and you can do as you please with the product.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below! :) Thank you for reading x


  1. Wow! What an amazing opportunity. I'd definitely be interested in reviewing products, especially since I live in Australia and you'd most likely be doing products that we don't even get here.

  2. That sounds like a great idea. I'd like to try it!

  3. I think that's a great idea! :)

  4. I love the idea! It's a great way to get more posts up on different products when you don't have the time. :) x

  5. I think this is quite a good idea, if you don't have the time to do it! :)

  6. It sounds like a great idea :) x

  7. Sounds like a great idea! Xx

  8. I'd love to be involved lovely :) xo


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