Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Monthly Facials: Deep Cleansing Facial

I had my first ever facial a few days ago and I can now report my thoughts and opinions! It cost £20 for around 40 minutes, I didn't expect anything too fancy for that price but a decent service and possibly good results.

Here's how it went:

I asked for their deep cleansing facial and the lady told me to take a seat, another lady then came out and mumbled if I wanted a facial, and I replied yes, to which I was directed upstairs and told to change. I didn't know what to change into and the wrap on the bed looked very recently used, so I sat on the edge and took my shoes off and jumper off waiting.

 After about 4-5mins the lady came back with a tray of scrubs and creams, she then put the wrap on me asking to remove my t-shirt and told me to lay down. The bed was fine, and the music calming. She wrapped a headwrap on my head and began very roughly rubbing in a cleanser. After the cleanser she wiped off with a face towel, she put an exfoliator on my face which I think she managed to get into my nostril as well seeing as she was so incredibly rough. I felt heat coming from directly above my face to the left a little and felt truly suffocated. She hadn't asked if I was asthmatic, experiencing any breathing difficulties or even if there was a heart condition - I'm aware that these things can be affected by sauna like steam. But anyway, I was suffocating for a while as she rubbed everything around my face very roughly, blocking my airways as she worked on the sides of my nose as well.

The light was then turned on and a metal like tool attacked my face, specifically around my nose, wincing a lot I heard her say "yes it is painful!" I assumed this was the manual extraction part. Fortunately this was soon over and another cleanser applied while the steam was removed, this was swiftly rubbed in and wiped off and yet another cleanser applied! Only it was a mask that felt like a cleanser, wet cotton pads were also dropped on my eyes and I heard the lady leave the room.

So after about 7 minutes I would say, she returned and wiped the mask off, after she was satisfied with that, the cream was applied again, roughly but also heavily to my face, straight after I was told "ok, done!"

The entire facial lasted 40minutes, my skin looked very glowing, my nose was nice and red, but clear. Throughout the rest of the day my face looked like I'd purposely dropped an open bottle of baby oil on it, I eventually saw my face and used a wipe to smooth things over. After this my skin felt fantastic, so soft, very cleansed although the pores around my T-zone seem to be more noticeable - even though immediately after the facial they appeared to be significantly smaller.

Despite the rough rubbing of my face and the not very long or perfect facial, I think it did make a difference, even if ever so slightly and I hope that the regularity will help to improve my skin in future. Sorry for the long post!


  1. That sounds like a terrible experience!
    Especially for £20.

  2. Oh my!! The Woman doing your facial sounds horrid! I find they do make a difference though, the red is normal after a facial.

  3. @Liz Dean It was really unprofessional, I do think it helped though - even if a little.

    @Caroline's Crafty Adventures She was incredibly rough on my face and didn't really consider how I was supposed to breathe! I'm glad to hear it's normal, thank you x

  4. the results sound amazing i might go have one myself xx

    my blog :

    Lauren x


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