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My name's Nav and am really into beauty! It is more of a hobby than a full time obsession although whenever I do see anything to do with beauty - everywhere! My mind tends to wander and explore all beauty products! One of my main sins is spending more than I earn on beauty. This blog allows me to review and talk about my opinions, I think it's great fun and I love to help those in need of a decision on whether to purchase or not, or maybe wait for the sales! I have changed the name of the blog a few times but am now happy with it, this name originated from my friend PaigeBianca86 (Youtube/Twitter/Blogspot) calling me Navilicious :)

Please feel free to contact me with regards to anything in relation to Navilicious Beauty, I'll respond as soon as I can to all queries.

Email: naviliciousbeauty@yahoo.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nav_beauty
Thank you for reading Navilicious Beauty!

Nav x

My Beauty Profile

Eye Colour: Brown
Eyelids: Normal to Oily

Hair Colour: Brown-Black
Hair Type: Normal
Skin Type: Combination
Skin Tone: Medium
Skin Condition: Large Pores in T-Zone, Post-Acne Blemishes and Scars, Oily in Summer
Body Skin Type: Normal to Dry
Nail Condition: Normal to Dry, Peeling and Weak