Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Secret Santa 2011 Evaluation


I wanted to put up this post to inform you of a few things and also to talk about the overall Secret Santa that was held this year.


The majority of participants managed to follow everything and do everything very well, albeit simple things like make sure posts are read and packages sent.

People were happy with the gifts they received and enjoyed taking part!


EDIT: I have some emails so may be able to help that way - I don't have all of them though!

A few people did not manage to follow all the guidelines which made me extend deadlines, I can't force people to post on the correct dates but I left more than enough time for everyone to find a gift and post it. I said please post by 1st December, some people hadn't posted until 10th December.

Some people haven't received their gifts and are contacting me 2 weeks after the date I set and after Christmas for me to help them, when I clearly stated please contact me by 14th, or if you haven't received a gift by then. Those that did, I was able to deal with their inquiries and respond quickly. I've received really very rude emails blaming me, when people clearly haven't read the constant flurry of Secret Santa posts I've been writing.

I've been very angry and upset recently because of people's rude emails and the fact that I'm being blamed for their own faults. I clearly set out terms and conditions, and I think it is a bit obvious that if you are participating you should really keep up to date with all the posts. I assumed that everyone had received their gifts and deleted the spreadsheet with all the details a few days ago, when I meant to delete it immediately after the 14th. I think people who were sending or receiving gifts from Europe had a major issue, sending to and receiving from other countries was fine. I don't want to make this post too negative but I am furious, I felt sorry for the people who had sent their gifts on time and received nothing but this email has completely flipped that around. If you haven't received you gift and haven't bothered contacting me or reading the posts I put up then I can't do anything to help you, and now I don't have anything to go on, so you've lost your £15 you spent on the present.

Next year I originally thought I'd make it UK only and maybe a £10 spend, but I have been put off it completely and I won't be hosting another Secret Santa or taking part in one, obviously people aren't competent enough to follow rules, read my blog or to think that I have other things to do, which is why I've posted so many times that I am on a blogging break. I even noticed some participants don't follow the blog, how did they expect to keep up to date with everything? It took me ages sorting everything out for this Santa, absolutely ages, I had to match people up, make sure everyone wanted to participate and agreed to the terms, then email everyone individually twice, or more with their Santa's details, I don't think it's worth it if people can't even abide by the terms!

To conclude:

There will not be a Secret Santa held on this blog next year, or probably ever again, because of the few that can't keep to the rules. By entering you chose to agree to all the terms and still didn't manage to pull through. It is NOT my fault if people didn't receive their parcels and didn't bother contacting me until 4 weeks after the sending date. Congratulations to all those who did participate successfully and contacted me immediately regarding any issues.

Thank you for reading, I'm sorry this was a very long post, but frankly some of the emails I have made me cry. I thought it was a valid reason enough to write this post, I've tried not to be too angry. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and I wish you all a prosperous 2012.


  1. Thats such a shame that some people ruin it for everyone else.

    I had a fantastic secret santa, I was really pleased with it as it had a lot of brands I can't get in the UK.

    Thank you for organising this one though, I realise you put a lot of hard work into it and I really did appreciate it.

  2. @Laura Thank you for your comment, it really is a shame, I'm glad to hear you had a great Secret Santa! :) thank you, it makes me feel a lot better that you appreciate it xx

  3. Thanks for organising it, I think it's outrageous that people have been rude to you! It's a great idea and I loved being a part of it but it's a shame that a few had to ruin it x

  4. @Kinght'sEclectic You're very welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed it! It is a shame but I'm not taking on the stress next year or ever again I don't think xx

  5. * big hugs* that's awful that some people sent you rude emails they should know better! I'm really happy you did the secret Santa, thank you so much I had a lot of fun sending a gift and receiving one! Xx

  6. That's such a shame that you've had to put up with people being rude to you - you're the one that tried to organise everything :( *big hugs*

  7. I'm not really au fait with blogging secret santas but I have seen a few posts about it and thought that it seems like a lot of work! I can't believe people had the audacity to have a go at you about anything relating to this; surely they should be appreciating the fact that you've put it all together? Some people are so incredibly self-deserving and those are the sort of people I try to avoid...I really hope it hasn't bummed you out too much and I don't blame you for not being willing to do it again xx

  8. I can't believe that people have sent you rude emails, I can't say I blame you for never wanting to do a secret santa again. I really enjoyed taking part, just a shame some idiots have to ruin it!

  9. Such a shame it didn't work out and shame on the ones that have been rude to you after you worked so hard to make it a success, I don't blame you for not organising one next year. Jude xx @jadlgw

  10. I just find it incredibly sad and so rude that people have taken it upon themselves to send you such emails accusing you of being at fault. Although I didn't take part, I thought it was a great idea, and from what i've seen the majority of bloggers enjoyed taking part. You put sooo much effort and work into this, and to be sent rude emails, I find really really awful. I don't blame you for not wanting to organise anything like this for 2012.x

  11. @Claire Louise you're welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

    @Lizzie thank you, it just got to me so I blogged it and feel better now, also knowing I won't have this stress next year feels great!

    @BeautyGeekUK I don't know what people think, I was genuinely offended that a lady decided it was my fault, I'm ok now thank you, and definitely never again! :)

    @Emma I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :) after hearing that so many people had fun I actually may reconsider running one...

    @Jude The majority of participants were great and did everything perfectly, I just felt rubbish after I had an email...oh well!

    Thank you all for your kind comments xx

  12. @Serenity of Beauty Thank you for your comment, I think most people enjoyed taking part too, it really was a hassle to organise, I want to do it again for people that did enjoy it but it really was a lot of work, I'm over the emails now, I think people sometimes can act a bit silly...xx

  13. Aww Hun see I love the idea, but it barely works in real life. You always get people who say yeah but just don't care, I think you have a right to be angry. If you set out a plan and than people don't follow that, what do they expect. I think people forget that these things take up time and energy, and that you have things to sort. I think it's lovely that you tried to do a nice thing, and people as always ruin it. I do feel for those that didn't get there's, but if they didn't email you till weeks after what do they expect. As for the rude emails remove them and forget it hun, it's done now. You can't fix it and again if people didn't stay to the guildlines. If the people carry on, than just name and shame them, if they didn't send their gifts I defo would. Anyway hope your okay and don't let it get you down xxxxx

  14. @Vintage and Cake You're right, it was very optimistic to expect it to go well, I do wish people did read everything though! I tried to make it as simple as possible, I have gotten rid of them and I'm happy I won't have this stress on my head next year, thank you for your comment xxxxxxx

  15. Nav, I can't believe people were rude to you. It took so much time out of your life to organise the secret santa (and such a fab, brilliant idea)(and you sorted out my swap problems so well keeping me updated along the way). x

  16. Gosh, I'm sorry there was so much rudeness. I wish I could say I was surprised but often I'm never surprised when it comes to people being rude!
    Shame that it won't be happening again but honestly I don't blame you!


  17. @Beauty Balm thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) xx

    @Dawniepants It's not your fault! You're absolutely right, people are always rude! I'm so glad I won't be hosting it again! x

  18. Sorry to hear a few ppl ruined it and were rude to you :(

  19. @Pyari Beauty thank you, all is well now though! :)


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