Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Free Shipping on Blog Sale


I'm offering free shipping on my blogsale until the end of today in a desperate attempt to raise some money. I will ship out your items first thing on Wednesday morning, please click below to start shopping!

All prices are negotiable, please email naviliciousbeauty@yahoo.com for items only.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Secret Santa!

Hi everyone! :)

This post is just a quick reminder to let you know to have posted your packages by this Thursday! If there are any issues/delays please let me know asap.

If you have already received your package, please let me know of that too so I can tick you off! Thank you so much for taking part, if you do write any posts on your presents after Christmas I'd love your links and I'll create a huge post with everyone's Secret Santa posts! :)

Thank you, Nav x

Monday, 21 November 2011

WishList #1: 21/11/11

As I am still on a spending ban for makeup and beauty I've been window shopping a lot more, there are so many things I want from the US but their shipping costs ruin the deal for me! So onto my wants...

Smashbox Photo Op Mega 78 Shade Palette/Real Techniques Brushes/Remington HairDryer/Zoya Holiday Collection/Babyliss Curling Wand/Ellis Faas Makeup

I really want the Smashbox palette! Unfortunately it's only available on QVC.com and not on the UK site, it looks gorgeous and has so many fantastic reviews, I can't say I need more makeup in my life though!

The Real Techniques brushes look amazing, I want the lot! I haven't got a hairdryer so I thought this one looked nice enough, I hope to be picking this up soon, along with Babyliss' Curling Wand, I have a set of curlers but I managed to get paint on them from a plastic carrier bag when they were still hot, so they've only ever been used once. 

Zoya nail polishes have won me over with their 3 free formula and application, I would love the lot but already have way too many polishes! Ellis Faas' makeup looks gorgeous, unfortunately quite expensive, I may pick these up when I run out of a good amount of makeup, I mean at least a whole drawer full!

That's all for my first wishlist with regards to makeup, I'll be doing lots of fashion and other things ones on my new blog focused away from beauty too! Please check it out here.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Why Don't I Disclaim Each Product I am Sent?


I just got asked a question by a lovely reader of my blog who is also a friend, she asked me why I don't put a little disclaimer at the end of each post to say whether I've received the item for free for review or bought it myself.

My answer:

I have already written a post on why I find it quite annoying and unnecessary to do this. This is because I have already made a disclaimer page letting everyone know that I may receive items for review at times and also because whether I receive it for review or buy it with my own money my review will always be my honest opinion.

If you look back at some reviews you probably won't be able to tell the difference between whether I have bought the product or been sent it, unless of course it's been implied in the post. Why? Because each review is as equally honest as the next, so I don't see the point in writing whether it's been sent to me or if I've bought it, because it makes no difference to the review.

I know a lot of people may disagree with me but let me know what you think in the comments below, and what you'd prefer :)

Thank you for reading x

Friday, 18 November 2011

1 Hour Special Sale!


Just to let everyone know tomorrow between 6pm and 7pm I will be offering free delivery on all items in my blog sale. I will also cut some prices, Nanoblur will be £15 delivered and Laura Mercier's Colour Wardrobe will be £35 delivered - both of which are brand new.

Please email me at naviliciousbeauty@yahoo.com if you would like anything from 6pm-7pm tomorrow. All items will be posted 1st class on Monday morning. Please click on the link below to browse everything that is available.

Thank you!

QVC's TSV 18/11/11 - Smashbox 7 Piece Ready For Your Close Up Collection


I thought I'd alert you to today's special value on QVC, which is a makeup collection by Smashbox! I don't know much about the brand but apparently they have some history with the UK making them unavailable in a lot of general makeup/beauty stores. Anyway, this set is available today only for the special price of £34.92, some are full sized products and others aren't. It looks very pretty but unfortunately I am on a makeup ban until next year so none for me!

If you'd like to take a closer look please click here
Please let me know if you buy this and what you think!

Secret Santa Reminder!


I hope everyone's well and keeping warm and dry in this miserable Winter weather, although it has been unusually warm this year for November...

I just wanted to quickly remind you to send off your Secret Santa packages before or on 1st December this year! I've only had one email to say that one lovely lady has sent and another lovely lady has received her Secret Santa so I got a little worried thinking maybe you've forgotten!

So please send your package off soon! Before or on 1st December :)

Thank you! Nav x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Question: How Long Does A 50ml Jar of Moisturiser Last You?


For me, I would say around 1-2months depending on how much of it I'm using and whether I'm using the same one at night or not.

How long for you?

Friday, 11 November 2011

Quick Reminder!


Just to let you know I'm blogging more often over at Everything But Beauty because over there I can blog about anything and everything, so please check it out and follow if you haven't already! The beauty blog won't be updated as much until March 2012.

Love Nav x

Monday, 7 November 2011

I have a new blog!


I've started a new blog! It's still in its basic format yet but I posted on there. Please check it out here! Like this blog, that one will be fully functional and made-over in March or around that time and I'll be blogging regularly on both!

Nav x

Thursday, 3 November 2011

A bit too obsessed...

I think I'm officially obsessed with makeup/skincare/beauty hoarding in general, due to this I've decided to take a much longer break...I don't think I'm able to juggle well yet because I don't have the luxury of space, this in turn decreases my level of organisation making it more and more difficult for me to mix in my blog with other priorities. I love writing, I love blogging, each post is a new project for me. However, I lack what I want for it to be a much better blog. I don't own a camera for starters and I try to keep my posts makeup/beauty orientated. I would love for a more diverse blog, or another blog even. Dwelling on all of this has taken up too much time anyway...

I buy the latest in beauty, I'm subscribed to boxes, yet I just don't have what I'd like to blog well. I'm a perfectionist you see, and until I can make things work for me I won't be happy. Blogging/beauty in general is now one of the biggest distractions in my life. I also have my boyfriend, he's behaving really well though so I can't complain. I never get to watch the tv or hardly ever, if everyone's asleep I can watch...but I'm trying to fix my sleeping pattern...

That's got to be one of the messiest, rambling posts ever. In short, I'd like to take a much longer blogging break, I'll still be around from time to time and will be on twitter, it's very difficult to pry myself away from it, during anytime. Unless of course I'm out or asleep - even then...

I expect to be fully on task and organised around March sometime next year. I don't want to say I'll completely be abandoning the blog, I'll probably post from time to time and will definitely keep you updated with the Christmas Swaps/Secret Santa. If you don't immediately see a beauty box post pop up on your dashboard as soon as one arrives please don't be alarmed!

I'm aware I don't have that many followers in comparison to much larger blogs, but I'm actually really happy with each and every one that I do have. It means a lot to me when I see comments and people that comment regularly especially.

Wow, I can talk! I think you've got what I was trying to say! I will be back properly in March 2012, please don't be alarmed if you don't see a post from me until then, if I begin posting regularly before then, then yay!

I'd appreciate it if you stuck around with me :) lots of love nav xx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

You Have Your Secret Santa!

Hi! *waves*

I have now sent everyone that registered for Secret Santa/Christmas Swaps and confirmed their participation an email including the details of the person they must send to!

Please let me know if you haven't received this email immediately. Also please make sure you read this post so you know exactly what to do next.

That's all! Thank you for participating! I hope everyone receives their presents and there aren't any complications! Please make sure you read and follow the post.

Many thanks,


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My Shoe

I know this is a beauty blog but I love shoes and fashion and so many other things that I sometimes have the urge to talk about them...I'm thinking of starting another blog for everything else, but all that will come later...

I saw a shoe one day, just passing by and I think my heart stopped. This, I believe to be my definitive shoe. I think it describes me, who I am, who I want to be, just everything! I love it! (Probably not during comfy tv time though...)

Please hold your breath for...

If I had a spare few thousand pounds knocking around I wouldn't hesitate once to buy these...I spoke to a sales assistant and she said they're really not very popular at the moment...but I love them! I love shoe boots, I love the mesh, I love crystals and high heels! Granted these would make me around 6"3 it would still be shorter than my boyfriend, so yay! I would definitely wear these, but it would most likely mean I'd have to wear many more designer items along with them, be rich, and/or a celebrity and possibly be red carpet worthy...

I really like these but my boyfriend doesn't so he's kind of put me off them...haha... They are gorgeous though...maybe not me then. Regardless a lovely shoe.

Which do you think is your shoe? Which shoe would define you? Please leave your links/comments below, I'd love to take a look!