Friday, 29 March 2013

Dead Sea Spa Magik Hair Magic Serum Review

Product Image For <br />Hair Magic Serum
This is a conditioner/hair mask type product by Dead Sea Spa Magik, sorry for the stock image, I've left my battered, almost empty bottle in my uni bathroom, but as it's practically finished I thought I'd better review it quickly before I forget! This was generously sent to me absolutely ages ago so I'm also sorry for the late review. But enough now and onto the review!

It costs £17.25 for 150ml and is available at Holland & Barrett, I've also spotted it in department stores like John Lewis. It's a thick cream that you apply onto shampooed hair and leave on for a few minutes before washing it off. The very first thing I noticed was the smell, it's not pleasant at all. Well I didn't think it was, I'm sure someone would like it. You can also use it dry as a serum, I didn't use it this way because I don't like having product in my hair generally after it's been washed and conditioned, but even if I wanted to use some, it just looks too much like conditioner for me to want to put it on dry hair.

I've nearly used the entire thing, it's essentially finished and ready for the bin but I want to try and squeeze out  as much as I can for one more use. I didn't like the smell, but I love how it works. It didn't take long for it to soften and detangle my hair, and it also stops any frizziness. That's pretty much all I'd want from a conditioning product - and a nice scent. I don't want to fixate on it, because I think it comes from all the good stuff, minerals etc in the product that actually make it work.

Overall, I definitely think this is worth trying if you have damaged, dry or even normal hair to rehydrate it and give it a boost, making it feel stronger too, personally I don't think I would repurchase because even though it lasted me about two months I think £17.25 is a lot for a product I would use very frequently and I dislike the scent, even though I know it's probably just from all the good stuff in the conditioner! I also found it difficult to get all the product out of the bottle, a squeezy bottle or one with a pump may be more useful I think.

Would you be interested in trying it? Have you given it a go - what did you think?

Quick Update - I promise it's quick!


I hope everyone is well, I'm so sorry I haven't been able to blog recently, I got all excited and started to plan a blog overhaul, name change and all - which is happening, just very slowly.

There's always so much going on and blogging gets pushed right to the bottom of my list of priorities but it's always there. Why? I have a box full of PR samples I need to review, I cannot accept samples and not mention them on the blog, even if they're (were) awful - fortunately the only awful products I've tried I've bought so I feel fine moaning about them to my heart's content *insert smiley with huge smile*.

That aside, I still do enjoy writing about and trying new products, it's a very girly thing and I think all girls/women enjoy it. Writing about them and being able to share my opinion *sort of* justifies my more costly purchases...

So... What's happening? As I don't have enough time (right now) to blog continuously I'm setting a goal of blogging once a week, maybe a little more as I ease into it or find I can afford the time. It's a very time-consuming hobby for me because as a perfectionist I can't be content with half-arsed posts, pictures and an outdated blog layout. If I have the blog layout etc sorted out I think I would find it easier to post regularly.

To conclude, I am awfully sorry for the lack of posts and for not really being around much for quite some time now, it will get better! I am also currently working on a new layout, name etc so hopefully that'll all be ready by the Summer, if it ever comes... For now I'll be posting at least once a week.

Thank you so much for reading,

Nav x