Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Amarya Beauty Box - September 2011

I received my Amarya Beauty Box in the post this morning and I'm quite happy with it - especially with one item. I've also decided to do a comparison post of all the beauty boxes available in the UK every month as I'm now subscribed to all 4. I'll put this post up closer to the end of the month so that I'm able to use the products for a little while. The Amarya Beauty Box costs £10 per month for a selection of organic products and is available from here.

This is my first ever Amarya Beauty Box and here are some pictures showing you the packaging and the items:

The Box and the Amarya logo

I got an Amarya Beauty Cloth Bag!

The smaller box inside...

Leaflet with more information on other products

Beautifully presented information on each product inside the box

The box wrapped

The box when opened

The products inside the box

Finally! The products themselves!

 Lavera Hand Cream - 20ml sample - worth £1.00
REN Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel - 3ml sample - worth £3.60
Dr Hauschka Skincare Samples - 1.5ml each - worth £1.99 and £2.70
Madara Moon Flower Tinting Fluid - 50ml full size - worth £23

Total Value of Box: £32.29
Amount Paid: £10
Total Saving: £22.29

The values/totals calculated are excluding the lovely bag I received! My first impressions of Amarya are as follows:

- They themselves are very polite and helpful.
- The box was on time, so punctual.
- Everything in the box was as promised and more.

First Impressions of the contents of the box and the box itself:

- I wouldn't keep the actual boxes purely because I have no room left for anything in my room, but the quality is fine and very reusable.
- All products are organic and a lot of them cruelty free - huge tick from me.
- The Lavera Handcream smells very fresh albeit natural, and moisturises my hands well, also the full size (75ml) is only £3.75 so if I do fall in love with it, I may repurchase.
- I don't use eye creams/gels very often but probably should so I'm happy I received the REN eye gel.
- The Dr Hauschka skincare I believe was from the regenerating line and therefore anti-aging so I've given those away.
- The Madara Tinting Fluid looks amazing, so luxurious and I was very happy to see it in my box, I can't wait to try it and it's full size!

Based on my first impressions and everything so far I'd like to award this box a 9/10! :)


  1. The box looks great & it's very nicely packaged. :) x

  2. I like everything about it too! :) I do feel I'm subscribed to too much though lol x

  3. I'm so glad you liked your first box! xx

  4. Lovely selection. Now I wish I had subscribed!

  5. @Madame Gourmand Thank you! It's all thanks to you :) xx

    @Eden Angel It really is! You still can on their website :) xx


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