Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Review: Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in "Flint" (59)

Definitely a neutral brown colour and not as the website describes "a light grey brown", although you could say grey-brown, most definitely not a light colour! Retailing at £14.50 in the UK and $20 in the US it is most definitely over my regular make-up budget even if slightly.

The colour itself is a typical neutral colour, a regular shade of brown really, as you can see in the many pictures I've added. I tried swatching it on my fingertip then my hand but the colour didn't seem to show up very well in the pictures unfortunately. I've used it as a base eyeshadow and for the outer corner of my eye, and for those applications I've found it to work very well. I applied it with my fingertip and it seems to come off onto the eye well and stays put even without an eyeshadow primer. It didn't crease or become heavy on the eye and is pigmented enough for it to be very smooth on the eye as well as showing the colour well. This was one of my first purchases of Bobbi Brown makeup and I have to say I'm impressed.

I think this is a great basic eyeshadow to have and will come in handy for the autumn/winter months, unfortunately I can't offer a Mac dupe because I'm not familiar with their shadows as much!

Thank you for reading :)

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