Friday, 8 April 2011

What Do You Think About Hauls?


I hope everyone is well, and thank you so much for following me and reading my posts! I sincerely appreciate it very much :)

I was just wondering what everyone thought of hauls...I know that a lot of people seem to think that bloggers/beauty crazed women like myself are sharing them to show off, but I certainly don't think that's the case. Recently I've bought many beauty related products, (before the makeup ban and when I've finished a good few items - usually handcreams haha!) and was wondering if in future you would like to see these posts? I will definitely be reviewing everything I buy and own in my collection, sometimes even if I haven't bought it myself (a friend has or as a present etc) I like to review, so you'll find everything I've ever used will be reviewed on here at some point.

Please let me know what you think and if you would like to see such posts!

Thank you so much for reading :)

Nav x


  1. I LOVE HAULS! Especially from you! Yes to hauls!

  2. @Paige yay! Thanks, will do some when I next buy a load of things! :)


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