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My Guest Post On Beauty Bloggings

My Guest Post on Jenn's lovely blog - Beauty Bloggings

Name: Nav :)

Blog: Beauty Blogging Away

A little about you: My nickname's Nav and I don't feel ready to reveal my full name to the internet just yet so I've stuck by that for everything on my blog. I'm 18 years old and addicted to all things fashion and beauty even though I considered myself to be the biggest tomboy type around when I was younger! I'm a bit of a science fanatic and I enjoy academia very much, I also tend to want to do and try everything so lists of things to achieve are very high at the minute...although my exercise routine has gone down considerably I do want to get back into shape and become a lot more healthier...finally I'm a bit of an insomniac...hope I haven't bored you already!

A little about your blog: My blog is obviously beauty based, but I'd like to expand a little into the fashion/book world too...I've started a "book club" on the blog and I hope you will be able to contribute! I mainly review products and I like to talk about general beauty/skincare related stuff too, and I've started a few features on there which I haven't been able to stick to because unfortunately I don't get 1st hand information on launches etc just yet! :) I'm not one to smooth over the terrible aspects of a product and all my reviews are 100% based on my interactions with the product itself.

Why did you start Blogging: I started blogging because I love to write, ever since I was a teeny toddler (or possibly older to be honest!) I've loved writing and I enjoy expressing myself with words. Beauty and skincare is something I gained an interest in at about 16 due to my terrible acne prone skin which thank goodness has now improved, but I find that I collect makeup items more so than use them on a daily basis, but I'm trying! So blogging is a form of relaxation for me too, I get to do what I enjoy and I love hearing about others experiences with the item on discussion. I also feel that I'd like to save people money by clearly pointing out the crappiest products ever! Not that I clearly damage the brand! LOL I think that the beauty industry has become so vast in the past couple of decades and it's difficult finding a product that you love and want to repurchase over and over again. I thought my blog might help with those major decisions! :)

Post: I was really struggling with what to post on this lovely blog as a guest post but now I think I've thought of something pretty important to most women. It's confidence. I've always had confidence in myself but never with the way I look. I'm not happy posting pictures of myself because there's always something too this or too that or not enough of that and so on. I always want to look better and when I do look average or nice, (in my opinion only), I realise that there's something inbetween my teeth or a tragic hair is out of place. My skintone hasn't been even since I was bout 8, because I got acne at a very young age and ever since then it's been a blemish haven for my face, besides the fact that my skin has improved, blemishes seem to come up whenever they fancy.

In terms of applying makeup to make myself look better, I've always enjoyed this and never made it a miserable task in a desperate attempt to look better, I understand that not everyone is going to look perfectly divine on all occasions and I feel that the media have made this more and more difficult for people to understand, especially younger women and teens. I've met and seen on television 12 year olds that are wearing makeup, to be honest I'm not sure why because they look great the way they are. Lipgloss is fine, maybe a little eyeliner, but I thought foundation was to even out skintone and the kids I've seen with it caked on have pretty perfect skin apart from the odd zit here and there.

I feel confidence is something very unique to each individual. Some will feel better with more makeup on and that's absolutely fine, because it's the way you feel about yourself, and if you're going to perform better in everything that you do, then why not? I personally find that achievement gives me confidence but I'm yet to find my confidence in my looks...I have found however, that if I make an effort on every single part of me I feel good, but I don't have the time to spend 2 hours getting ready every morning. If I've got a nice hairstyle, decent makeup, accessories and clothes I feel better about myself for sure, but time is an important factor and I think that's also why companies are bringing out multi-tasking products to help busy women feel great with their ever-increasing workloads!

Confidence is obviously a very important factor in our day to day lives, how do you feel about it? And what gives you confidence?

I don't want to bore everyone, and I hope this post was of interest to you, please do check out my blog, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you for reading, Nav x

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