Friday, 8 April 2011

BeautyUK's NEW Range!

If you haven't already heard of beautyUK where oh where have you been?! They are a small family run business selling AMAZING cosmetics at FANTASTIC prices! In the shops they are available at Superdrug or online on their website.

They are now launching a brand new range due to launch on 13th April - very soon! Here are some pictures and details of everything that will be available soon! :)

Baked eyeshadows, £3.99 each, 6 shades
 I really like the look of these and I'm glad that beautyUK have jumped on the waggon for baked cosmetics as they seem to be very popular right now.
Pearl Eyeliner, £3.49 each, 8 shades
These also look very exciting as they're supposed to leave an opalescent finish, which I don't think I've experienced on my eyes before! I can't wait to get a look-see at all of the shades for all the products!

Extend Mascara in Black, £3.99
 I haven't tried any mascara from any other brand than Lancome yet but depending on if I manage to finish any mascaras I might try this! This is the lengthening one from beautyUK.

3D-FX Mascara, £3.99
This is the volumising mascara, and very cheap too!

False Lashes, £3.99 each, 4 different types
 I don't wear false lashes, ever, so unfortunately these don't appeal to me but I'm sure a lot of people will love!

Blush, £3.99 each, 5 shades

I love blush! I sometimes wear it alone with no other makeup and it really brightens up any complexion, I hope theses blushes are just as fantastic...I'm also excited to try my first ever baked blushes!

Lipstick, £3.49 each, 11 shades

These are probably one of the most innovative products I have seen since my interest in beauty, it has the actual lipstick injected into the lid so you know exactly what colour it is! I am so excited to try these! If I manage to finish a few hundred products I will definitely be purchasing all of these! They are also mint flavoured :)

Lip Lust, £2.99 each, 11 shades

I've never tried any lip lusts yet, so I'm not sure whether they're sheer or opaque. They are flavoured with mint, papaya or strawberry! Sounds yummy! These are available to buy now.

Nail Polish - Salon Professional, £2.49 each, 6 shades
Coming to Glam Nails on 13th April for £1.99
I love beautyUK's nail polish, I've only managed to blog about one shade though, even though I have about 9! I promise to get those posts done soon! I'm impressed with the Salon Professional sizes, especially since I've started changing my nail colour as soon as it shows any signs of wear!

I think the whole collection looks very exciting and I'm so anxious to see all the other shades in store!

Will you be picking anything up? What's most appealing to you? What is your favourite beautyUK product?

Thank you for reading :)


  1. The packaging is all so adorable! Too bad we don't have it here!

  2. @Paige not to worry, you have me to send you stuff! :D


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