Wednesday, 13 April 2011

NEW Elemis FreshSkin for Teens to Twenties

Elemis FreshSkin Range (£8-£22)

British Luxury Skincare Brand Elemis bring us "FreshSkin" a range specifically formulated for younger skin.

Available are:

- Face Washes
- Day and Night Moisturisers
- Lip Balm
- Masks
- Eye Gel
- Wipes

The range is available at Time To Spa.

The range varies in price starting at £8 for a lip balm or wipes, stretching to £22 for the night-time moisturiser. From pictures I've seen I think it's a great idea for a high-end brand to include younger people within the lower bracket for income! The issue I see with this range though, is the pricing, even though the items are considerably cheaper than their usual products, I still feel that a lot of teenagers may not take the plunge. But of course women in their twenties are more likely to purchase I think...

I however would! I think that Elemis have wanted to remain a luxury brand hence why the prices aren't matching those of Boots/Superdrug. Once I save up a bit I think I'd be willing to give this range a try, how about you? Does anything interest you?

Thank you for reading :)

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