Tuesday, 19 April 2011

NEW Rimmel London Royal Gloss

£3.99 each at Superdrug/Boots
I saw these a few weeks ago in Superdrug and they looked so yummy I picked 3 up! I have the shades 121 - Yummy, 161 - Delicious and 131 - Jelly Baby (L-R). There are 2/3 more shades, one is a clear gloss, another a slightly lighter pink without shimmer and I don't remember if there is a third or not!

For £3.99 you receive a 14ml tube of lipgloss with vitamins claiming to be "sweet tasting and non-sticky". This is one of the reasons I picked up 3! I really dislike sticky lipgloss, not only does it constantly attract my hair to it but it feels horrible on my lips too, the taste of lipglosses often deters me too, so to hear that these are non-sticky and sweet tasting grabbed my attention.

I really like all 3 colours that I've got too, I wanted the other 2/3 as well but thought I'd trial these before I picked those up just in case I don't like these.

I will be reviewing these once I use them properly and am looking forward to trying them!

Thank you for reading :)

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