Sunday, 3 April 2011

Review: NEW Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen

Phew! Managed to write out the lengthy name of this product successfully!

This is Simple's answer to all our little make-up mistakes, a corrector pen, what a fantastic idea! I'm forever placing eyeliner way above my lash line accidentally and this has been such a saviour, I don't need to get out a cotton pad and makeup remover, then skillfully attempt to remove the wrong-doing, I just pick up the pen, swipe it across my mistake and wipe the pen. Job done.

It's available exclusively at Boots for £4.99. I, personally don't like the price, because it's such a small item, and it's more of a convenience product as opposed to a necessity. It doesn't smell dodgy, fits into a pocket/handbag very easily, is small and easily usable. As it is the first of it's kind, I think Simple are able to have the price near £5, also because of the crazy prices of everything nowadays! Although it certainly is a very exciting product.

I don't think I would exchange £4.99 for this pen again simply because although it's slightly more of a hassle, I'm very capable of using a cotton bud with a bit of makeup remover on and doing exactly the same job.

Overall, it's a lovely and very innovative item, just not entirely worth it in my opinion. However as it is the first of it's kind and I'm sure Simple and other brands will be looking into consumer feedback, there may be an improved version out soon! You never know! I give it a 7/10!

Thank you for reading! :)


  1. quite a handly little thing for you ladies

  2. What a neat idea! I've never seen anything like this before. But you're right- a q-tip with makeup remover works just as good!

  3. @Paige Yeah, and saves money too! :)

  4. im so getting one of this! it will make my life easier! hahaha

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