Sunday, 17 April 2011

Review: 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in "Forever"

£2.99 for 8ml at Boots
I love this nail polish! It shouts spring in a very subtle way (oxymoron woop!) and it's a very pretty nude/beige colour. I believe it came out with the new spring collection from 17, (with the very pretty eye palettes) but I just caught sight of it recently.

Texture: I really like the texture of this nail polish, it has a creme(?) finish, and is nice and shiny without being over the top. Not gritty, no glitter, very smooth and pretty.

Colour: I really like this colour, I think it's suitable for all skin tones and perfect for the transition period between winter and spring and spring itself! It is a nude, light beige-cream colour with light pink undertones I think - quite difficult to describe!

Application: It goes on very well and quickly, no marks, no streakiness, but I would recommend a minimum of 2 coats (as suggested by 17) for an opaque finish.

Wear: I've had mine on for 5 days now (without top coat) and there is a little tip wear but not so significant, the claim is that the polish is chip resistant and there should be 5 days of last colour and it's true!

Brush: The brush is just right and I love how my whole nail is covered in 3 strokes and it isn't flimsy. It also allows you to decide how much polish you want on it and doesn't drip splodges or pick up too little.

Drying Time: I have a huge problem with drying my nails in time before smudging them or getting fingerprints on them and I don't want to have to buy another item to help that (even though I've tried so many!) This polish dries to the touch in 5-10mins, and properly in about half an hour, so it's the same as most polishes but I appreciate the quicker drying time (to touch) than some other polishes!

Price: £2.99 is a bargain for such a pretty colour and a lovely polish!

Overall: 8/10

Thank you for reading! :)

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