Friday, 2 September 2011

Cherry Chapstick Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Care

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This post is a press release however I'd like to talk about Breast Cancer a bit before I post the press release. It affects so many women in the world - and men. In the UK alone nearly 50,000 cases were diagnosed in 2008 and presumably due to the constant improvement in technology and techniques more so every year onwards. Breast cancer is something that I have experienced, not myself but within my circle and it was a very upsetting ordeal, not only for the sufferer but for everyone around them too.

All cancers are so horrific and unfortunately common in so many different people that I think it's important to take some time out and help in whichever way you feel is appropriate for you. If not cancer, there's heart disease, there's the homeless to take care of, there are many charities and ways in which we can help. I took part in Cancer Research UK's Race4Life a few years ago and I didn't get many sponsors but whatever funds I raise I hope will help. I'd also love to race again, I believe next summer will be fundraising time again!

I am not forcing you to purchase anything, or to give all your money away to any charities or anything like that. The point of this post is to remind you that we can always be of some assistance to someone, and also to remind myself.

I received this press release sometime ago and thought it would be appropriate to post about it now, I did not ask for or receive a sample and will be purchasing the pack wherever available.

This year, ChapStick® is supporting the charity Breast Cancer Care with the introduction of the pink stick, donating 20p from each sale to help people affected by breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Care’s Judy Beard said:

“One person is diagnosed with breast cancer every 10 minutes in the UK.  That’s a shocking statistic and Breast Cancer Care strives to be there for each and every one of them.  But we couldn’t even dream of doing it without the support from companies such as ChapStick and their customers, so thank you.”

Breast Cancer Care ChapStick® twin pack can be bought from supermarkets and pharmacies and is priced at £2.49. Available from September in readiness for October Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Thank you very much for reading.

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