Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Body Shop's GWP


I just thought I'd share this offer with you, The Body Shop are offering a free gift with a £19 spend on makeup and skincare in store and £30 spend online. You get a choice of 2 gift collections, the first is a trio of eye based makeup/skincare:

Big and Curvy Waterproof Mascara - worth £10
Chamomile Makeup Remover 60ml - worth £3
Black Carbon Eye Definer - worth £9

This set is worth £22!

Vitamin C collection
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This is the second set containing the face spritz and radiance mist, if you shop online. However in store I noticed that the mist was replaced by a powder to improve radiance of the skin, the sales assistant didn't really explain very well the purpose of the powder mix so I picked the first gift collection!


  1. awesome gift i never buy in the bodyshop i should cos i love their stuff lol!

  2. Man, the Body Shop is Australia doesn't do free gifts like the UK or 3 for $XX like they do in the US. That makes me sad because I love the Body Shop's stuff!

  3. @Irishenchantment haha yes you should then! I think they are a bit on the higher priced side though so I can see why people might give them a miss! But their members discounts are good!

    @olgiepolgie aww I'm sorry to hear that :( maybe you could suggest they start ;)


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