Friday, 23 September 2011

Tell Me About Yourself Award!

I was awarded this by the lovely Cas from Hair and Beautylicious so thank you to her! 

The Rules:

- Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
- Write 7 random things about yourself
- Spread the love to 15 other blogs

1) I can sleep very late and wake up very late or early but I have a very odd sleeping pattern which I need to change asap.
2) I spend way too much money on makeup/beauty related items even though I hardly wear it!
3) I hate it when people swear/curse, and when at me I won't talk to them for days.
4) I'm a hygiene freak - I won't say clean freak because my bedroom has been a mess for ages now!
5) I've never eaten Chinese food.
6) I love Autumn/Winter clothing - anything that will keep me warm and wrapped up.
7) I hate getting a tan - usually because my face/hands/body become different colours.

I'm only going to spread the love to 5 blogs as again, I'm very tired and I seem to blog at night nowadays...hmm...when I get back on here I may add some more!

I hope you enjoyed! :)


  1. A/W clothes are my favourites too- lovely being nice and cosy!

  2. Congratz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I love your blog so much and you really deserve that award.

    Thank you so much xxx

    my blog :

    Lauren x


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