Thursday, 29 September 2011

Beauty Boxes...

As we all know there are a lot of beauty boxes on the market now, sending out samples and sometimes full sized items as well for £10-£12.95 a month, possibly more if you choose. I'm subscribed to 4 and I think it's too much, not only do I already have beauty products spilling out of my entire room but now I'm having to make space to place the boxes themselves. They're all a great treat and I get to blog about them and review the products I receive too, which is something I really enjoy. However, for someone who really wants to save up after spending like there's no tomorrow I do feel I should make some cutbacks.

The 4 I'm subscribed to are:

- GlossyBox £12.95
- Boudoir Privé £10
- Amarya £10
- Feel Unique £9.95

I've received at least 1 of all of them apart from the Feel Unique box which I've yet to experience. If you have any ideas on how to cut down or which you think would be best to keep and so on please help! I personally dislike GlossyBox's "ethics" if you will, of adding an additional postage and packaging charge and including a mini of a very clearly non-luxury product but I like their boxes, and I like that they seem to bring me brands I'd never previously heard of and I also like that a lot of the time they provide full-sized products too!

I like Boudoir Privé so far, they've given me brands I hadn't previously heard of and are very luxurious and exclusive if you will - or have that feel about them at least. The issue I have with Boudoir Privé is that sometimes  their samples really don't feel deluxe to me... Amarya is one I think I will be sticking with because of the organic and ethical stance they have on their box and I like that a lot. They've also promised at least one full sized item so that's good.

I was debating between cancelling Feel Unique and/or Boudoir Privé...but I really do like Boudoir Privé's boxes, but I was thinking that I could just buy from the new shop they're launching soon. I really don't know, I'm very stuck! I'll also be posting my thoughts on September's Boudoir Privé beauty box within the next few days if that'll help anyone help me!

I also am a little worried that as soon as I cancel my boxes they're going to put stuff that I really wanted to try in them!

Please leave your thoughts! Thank you so much for reading x


  1. The only one I am not subscribed to is GlossyBox. The other three I am getting my first ones in October. The Amarya one I am subscribed to for the year (as I got a discount code in Natural Health Magazine and a free gift). Not sure if I will continue with all three as it seems a bit decadent! x

  2. Arghhh lol - honestly I wouldn't know which one to cancel, as I personally am only subscribed to BP! But like yourself, I am too scared to cancel incase a product is included in the following box, which I really wanted to try lol

    ARGHH it's a hard one . . . .

  3. awesome post i always enjoy reading your blog xx

  4. @Beauty Balm ooh that sounds good! I hope you enjoy them, how come you didn't subscribe to GlossyBox as well? I am definitely going to try to slowly fade them out lol x

    @Hair and Beautylicious I know! I have the problem's a hard one!

    @Lauren x thank you Lauren! xx


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