Monday, 12 September 2011

I got a Blog Award and Didn't Even Realise...

Talk about thick right? I honestly don't know how I missed it because I read every post that pops up in my dashboard by this lovely lady...KAT! You can check out her awesome blog here:

I think that's the cutest little badge ever and I love it! A huggeee thank you to Kat and I'm so sorry I missed this...*sobs*

The Rules:

1) Answer the following questions

2) Mention and link who passed you the award

3) Share 7 facts about yourself

4) Award 15 blogs

The Questions:

What is your favourite colour?

Deep colours, red, blue, green. Don't have one! If absolutely necessary to choose then deep red.

What is your favourite song?

I really don't have one, I love Coldplay though?

What is your favourite dessert?

Probably any rich fattening ice-cream sundae and/or cake :)

What's pissing you off?

Nothing at the moment, a lot of things annoy me but they're not that important for me to bother myself with! Oh and rude, impolite, disrespectful people. Especially ones that kiss their teeth at me. Them I want to kill.

When you're upset you...

I run to someone who cheers me up, makes me laugh and I forget all about it :) and makes me see it's only small and doesn't matter.

Black OR white?

Definitely white :)

Biggest Fear?

Do not wish to disclose - but I only have one fear. And it's the biggest!

Your best feature?

My eyes? Lips? Legs? Who knows?

Everyday attitude...

This was inspired by my friend Dan, who has an amazing blog and it was from a post, that we all have 86400 seconds in everyday and they need to be utilised in the best possible way. They're never coming back. Also, I think everyone should be open-minded, I think I'm very open-minded, I'll pretty much be ok with whatever you throw at me - (unless of course it's sick and twisted).

What is Perfection?

Achieving all my dreams/goals/ambitions, or just being happy, but my happiness lies within my goals.

Guilty Pleasure...

Makeup...Fashion...Spending on everything possible!

7 Random Facts About Me

- I want a 50th Wedding Anniversary.
- I don't like what a lot of people am a bit weird like that.
- I love Harry Potter and Twilight, and most vampire-based entertainment.
- I have very large ambitions, hopes and dreams.
- From about age6/7 I read a book nearly everyday/night until I hit 15.
- People that actually annoy me are usually preventing me from being me.
- I love animals and want so many pets but don't like reptiles...

Passing the Award onto...

The Award does say Best Blog and not Best Beauty Blog so I'd like to pass it onto my friend Dan :)
Again because it says BEST BLOG aahha passing to my friends Mike&Paige. Who live so far away but are so special to me :)
EllyBellyBaybee because I love her blog and I think she's lovely too.
Madame Gourmand because quite frankly she's just plain awesome.
Pyari Beauty because I love her posts and her!
The Budget Beauty Book - I love reading her posts and I can relate to her quite a bit.
For the Love Of Makeup! - I love the blog and the Youtube channel :)
Twilight Underworld - A unique blog that stands out and a very talented author.
Hair and Beautylicious - Another lovely blog by a lovely lady.
It is all about Creativity! - I love her posts and she's a very sweet young girl.

Just a repeat so it drums in, this award was given to me by the gorgeous Kat - who I am genuinely very proud of! ;)

I think I'm going to stick with 10 because I found it difficult staying awake to type this post and telling you 7 things about me was a challenge in itself! 15 is also a very large number!

Thank you so much for reading :)

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  1. Aww thank you so much for the award <3

    I will be posting it on my blog soon along with the random facts about myself.

    I love the everyday attitude it's so true that we should utilize every moment and second that we have. x


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