Monday, 5 September 2011

ShoeDazzle - The Beauty Box for Fashion/Shoe Addicts

I found this site sometime back when the blogosphere went a little mad over ShoeDazzle, the company with a major influence from Kim Kardashian providing monthly shoes for £39.95 (and free delivery) in the UK and $39.95 in the US. The pricing system annoys me because with the exchange rate it means UK pays around $65 for a pair of shoes and the US around £25. But moving on from the unfairness that is exchange rate...

The UK site launched in September and I have joined up and bought two pairs of shoes already, and yes I'm supposed to be on a spending ban but seeing as I'm not purchasing makeup, I seem to have gone back to fashion's a vicious circle.

So a little about how the site works, you sign up, answer a few questions on your preferences with regards to shoes and fashion, and each month your personal stylists pick a selection of shoes, jewellery and handbags based on your preferences. If you decide nothing is for you, a new selection can be requested. Every month on the 6th £39.95 is taken from your account (from your first purchase) unless you select "skip this month" meaning nothing is taken. If you forget to click that, then a credit is added to your account and for each credit you can pick one of your showroom's items and after you have 6 six credits and still haven't picked anything, money will stop being taken from your account and your credits used.

There is also a loyalty programme called style points, 100 points for each purchase and 200 for every friend you sign up and 20% off your first purchase. If you would like to join as an invite from me I'd be very grateful and please leave your email address below!

I've become a little obsessed with this site hoping a new pair of shoes will appear everyday which is not the case! I didn't like my selection for September initially but then decided I wanted a certain pair of shoes anyway...after discussion with my trusty friend Paige, I decided I wouldn't purchase them. I then rethought and came to the decision that I don't own that many heels and maybe I should get these as obviously the pressure of the shoes possibly not being available later was on me too! Heels make me very tall though but oh well!

I also bought some boots but they're no longer in my showroom. I personally don't think I'd pick their jewellery because £39.95 is too much and the designs aren't fantastic - in my opinion and I probably wouldn't wear them. The handbags however, aren't too bad but I didn't fall for any of this month's selections.

All the shoes are picked and recommended by various stylists, the ones above have been recommended by Kim Kardashian. Just on a side note, I've never understood the fascination with her and her family, I could say a lot more on this topic but I don't wish to offend. I like this site though so goody for me!

This has made me want to change my blog into a fashion, health, lifestyle and beauty blog, but I'm not sure if readers would like that. Please let me know what you think!

I will post an update on this regarding delivery, the quality of the shoes and sizes, etc. I'm hoping they'll be awesome! :) If you'd like to sign up too click here!


  1. I blogged this earlier in the summer, and I am still sat on the fence. I have seen a pair of shoes I like, but I can't justify spending £39.95 for them, as they really aren't worth the price. You can get better shoes for less than £39.95, but I shall wait and see, see what your order and review is like.

  2. keep me posted on how this works out for you. I am not that into shoes (shocking, right?) but not sure if I would be willing to commit without being able to try them on?

    Interesting concept!

  3. @Hair and Beautylicious do you think all of them are not worth the price? But you haven't ordered them or seen or tried them? They may be of fantastic quality! I'm happy to pay for shoes because of the amount of blisters and how uncomfortable cheap shoes are to me, although cheap flats are great! :)

    @meredith I will do! I think it's very new, especially here and I'm happy being the guinea pig for this! :) you can return them for free and request a different size, that's something that bugged me too, but I'm hoping the sizing will work out, if not I'll just ask for a bigger/smaller size :)

  4. ooh so you ended up getting the shoes! They are super cute! :)

  5. @Paige Bianca they didn't look so great in reality so I'm going to the post office to return them tomorrow lol!


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