Monday, 12 September 2011

Complete Beauty Spending Ban: Update #1

It has now been over a month in which I haven't permitted myself to spend any money on beauty, this has been the case, but I have cheated and asked someone lovely to get things for me! - Occasionally. From now on I'm not allowing myself any beauty aside from the beauty boxes I receive, regardless if I pay for the things or my friends/family do!

I've been tidying up recently and I have no storage room left to put all the shower gels, body butters, hand creams, makeup, nail polishes or my beloved Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes. I feel as though I should continue with this ban until 12th October 2011 and then try to wean myself off completely. Or continue with it but not so officially, so the odd nail polish would be acceptable provided it's a colour I don't already own, (highly unlikely!) But I'm sure you get the idea. I've decided to list my monthly expenditure on beauty on a new page to embarrass myself into not spending so much. This will go up tonight and begin from today as well until 12th October. I'll also keep it going and update it every month to see how much I spend and try to cut it down for the following months.

It is very difficult to control my spending urges, especially when I see new releases, and are from brands I love. I also noticed my increased interest in fashion because I wasn't spending so much on beauty! (This really has to stop!)

Thank you for all your support, (and your tempting me with gorgeous new beauty items!) and I hope I can restrain myself from any new purchases for a month!


  1. Hi! I had missed the forst post on the spending ban, so now I was surprised by the coincidence of seeing this post just as I was planning to write one very much alike your first one on my blog too. I have too much stuff, and I caould very well do with saving some money... so I'm totally on your same page with this initiative! I hope I can pull it off... I know I spend waay to much money on things that are not exactly necessary, on on shades (of eyeshadow, nailpolish, etc) that are way too similar to things I already own... time to stop!! I've got a couple of orders I made which will be delivered in the next few weeks, plus a giveaway i won.. but apart from that, I will try to!! I don't think I will be brave enough to post a record of my purchases on the blog... but I might try a chronicle of my "empties"... if I manage to finish something off!!!

  2. @Alrayth I think we're definitely in exactly the same situation, and could do with saving some money! I wish you all the best with this venture because I found it really difficult initially - especially with all the new releases. I think new releases in beauty sucker me in! I'm not too sure about my expenditure page either because I know some people may try to calculate my earnings vs spending and I know people that I'm acquainted with do that, and it really annoys me because it's really not their business. Once I feel I can truly control myself I'll take it off! I'm also doing monthly empties posts, I think that may help too! Good luck! :) and thank you for your comment xx

  3. :D I wanted to add: sorry for all the typos... I won't hide behind the fact that English is not my first language: I'm just too quick and careless when typing, and I always forget to re-read before hitting "post"!!

    Thank you for the good wishes - I know I really have to get my beauty spending under control... and it's kind of reassuring to see that I'm not alone in this! Good luck to both of us!!

  4. @Alhrayth I think your English is awesome! Especially as your second language! Yes, good luck to both of us! :D


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