Thursday, 8 September 2011

My ShoeDazzle Lindy Boots

I received my ShoeDazzle orders yesterday morning, which equates to speedy delivery so I was happy with that. The shoes I didn't like in reality, they were nice but just not what I was expecting or what I wanted so they'll be posted back later today.

So onto my lovely boots...

The ShoeDazzle Shoe Box Outer Packaging

The Dustbag, Information and Small Free Gift Bag

My lovely boots!

I absolutely adore these, they were £31.96 with my first order 20% off discount, they fit perfectly, they look amazing and seem to be of great quality too! The only thing is that I haven't worn them out yet, so maybe after a few months of wearing them I'll give you a little update, typically my shoes wear out about a year after regular use (not completely though, they'll tend to become unusable after 3-4years), so I hope I won't experience any problems with these.

In the package, included was a cute bag as a free gift! A dustbag to keep the boots in, although I think 2 would have been better as they are knee-high boots...and I'm just really very happy with my entire purchase. I've been wearing them around the house to "break in" to them properly. I can't wait for October's shoe selection now! I think I would definitely recommend ShoeDazzle and their services to anyone who wants a new pair of shoes, is obsessed with shoes, or just wants to treat themselves.

I'll also add some artsy images when I do wear them to go out! If you'd like to join ShoeDazzle click here, you'll also receive 20% off your first order! :)


  1. I have been waiting for this blog post lol Those tan coloured boots are amazinggg lol. I love the packaging also. You've just convinced me to order a pair of shoes from shoedazzle lol. For for £31.96 with the 20% off, aint bad to be honest either. :)

  2. ooh! I like them! Very very cute!

  3. @Hair and Beautylicious Yep they are :) and ooh which ones are you going to get? I think I feel like I'm allowed to say "I told you so!"

    @Paige thank you! :)

  4. I love these boots! I must admit I wasn't impressed with either of my shoeDazzle show rooms so I'm yet to place an order, these boots were not an option for me :(

  5. @Madame Gourmand I didn't fall in love with any shoes from my selections either, I asked for another and didn't want any of those shoes either! I got the Amour shoes, but they just weren't for me so they're back in the post!

  6. Wow, these are gorgeous. I really wish we had something similar like this here in Norway :)

    Love Christine ♥

  7. @Christine Iversen Hi! I hope something becomes available for you soon :) xox


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