Monday, 21 November 2011

WishList #1: 21/11/11

As I am still on a spending ban for makeup and beauty I've been window shopping a lot more, there are so many things I want from the US but their shipping costs ruin the deal for me! So onto my wants...

Smashbox Photo Op Mega 78 Shade Palette/Real Techniques Brushes/Remington HairDryer/Zoya Holiday Collection/Babyliss Curling Wand/Ellis Faas Makeup

I really want the Smashbox palette! Unfortunately it's only available on and not on the UK site, it looks gorgeous and has so many fantastic reviews, I can't say I need more makeup in my life though!

The Real Techniques brushes look amazing, I want the lot! I haven't got a hairdryer so I thought this one looked nice enough, I hope to be picking this up soon, along with Babyliss' Curling Wand, I have a set of curlers but I managed to get paint on them from a plastic carrier bag when they were still hot, so they've only ever been used once. 

Zoya nail polishes have won me over with their 3 free formula and application, I would love the lot but already have way too many polishes! Ellis Faas' makeup looks gorgeous, unfortunately quite expensive, I may pick these up when I run out of a good amount of makeup, I mean at least a whole drawer full!

That's all for my first wishlist with regards to makeup, I'll be doing lots of fashion and other things ones on my new blog focused away from beauty too! Please check it out here.


  1. Everything looks great, I like the Smashbox pallete too after seeing Emily Noels recommendation on it.

  2. Also on a spending ban at the moment and man it's hard! Loving the look of the smashbox palette

  3. I have the curling wand! Its brilliant, would definitely recommend it. I really want some Zoya polishes after getting one in a beauty box but theyre a tad too expensive!

  4. That palette looks great and I love the look of some of those Zoya polishes - if only I had an unlimited supply of money!

  5. the palette looks lovely! :)xx



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