Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My Shoe

I know this is a beauty blog but I love shoes and fashion and so many other things that I sometimes have the urge to talk about them...I'm thinking of starting another blog for everything else, but all that will come later...

I saw a shoe one day, just passing by and I think my heart stopped. This, I believe to be my definitive shoe. I think it describes me, who I am, who I want to be, just everything! I love it! (Probably not during comfy tv time though...)

Please hold your breath for...

If I had a spare few thousand pounds knocking around I wouldn't hesitate once to buy these...I spoke to a sales assistant and she said they're really not very popular at the moment...but I love them! I love shoe boots, I love the mesh, I love crystals and high heels! Granted these would make me around 6"3 it would still be shorter than my boyfriend, so yay! I would definitely wear these, but it would most likely mean I'd have to wear many more designer items along with them, be rich, and/or a celebrity and possibly be red carpet worthy...

I really like these but my boyfriend doesn't so he's kind of put me off them...haha... They are gorgeous though...maybe not me then. Regardless a lovely shoe.

Which do you think is your shoe? Which shoe would define you? Please leave your links/comments below, I'd love to take a look!


  1. Oh lordy . . .these are ahh-mazing! However as a 5ft 9 person already, these would make me look like the B.F.G lol But still a gorg. pair of shoes. :)

  2. They are gorgeous! Im also a tall lady but that doesnt stop me rocking the big heels. I save them when Im out with the girls!


  3. OMG I love that shoe :) Xx

  4. those shoes are gorgeous xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  5. Omg i'm in love with these.

    Choo's are the most comfortable shoes around.

    I'm also tall and try to try away from platforms, but would totally wear these(if i had a spare 2k as well) xx


  6. Hahahaha!!! you're funny!!!

    Don't let ur bf do that to you!
    Just buy it and wear a whole black look ( no need to be expensive)
    it will just goes perfect!

    And come on these shoes are really to die for !!! BUY THEM!!! hahaha

    I think a pair of black country boots would define me easily!
    Kind of country/rock/fashion =)

    I wear them all the time


  7. Lívia! They're £1250!!! But thanks lol! If I ever get the money or win the lottery I will, aww country boots sound nice, and they'd always be comfy xxx


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