Friday, 18 November 2011

Secret Santa Reminder!


I hope everyone's well and keeping warm and dry in this miserable Winter weather, although it has been unusually warm this year for November...

I just wanted to quickly remind you to send off your Secret Santa packages before or on 1st December this year! I've only had one email to say that one lovely lady has sent and another lovely lady has received her Secret Santa so I got a little worried thinking maybe you've forgotten!

So please send your package off soon! Before or on 1st December :)

Thank you! Nav x


  1. I haven't forgotten yet loool I'm waiting for mr. Postman to hurry up and deliver it to my house loool

  2. I bought mine last week, just need to wrap it up :) I am going to post it sometime next week.

  3. I'm nearly ready to send mine, nearly!

  4. I'm nearly ready to send mine! :)


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