Friday, 24 June 2011

Sleek Makeup LE Caribbean Collection - Summer 2011

Here is the second collection of Sleek's Summer 2011 releases. Aptly named Caribbean Collection, the packaging suits the name perfectly, the colours coincide with the Summer feeling and look very pretty.

Like the Mediterranean Collection and most of Sleek's Collections there are 3 items in it;

- Curacao Eyeshadow Palette (£6.70)
- Aruba Blush (Bright Orange - £4.29)
- Bonaire Pout Polish (Bright Orange - £4.29)

This is a Limited Edition Collection and will be available in Superdrug from Wednesday 6th July 2011. I'll try to post reviews/swatches before the date so you have an idea of the items before making the decision to buy or not!

I was lucky (because I spend most of my time in Superdrug...) that my local Superdrug had these on the shelves and I picked them up! Reviews coming soon!

Thank you for reading :)

What do you think of this collection? Worth it? Better than the Mediterranean Collection? Or you want both?


  1. This collection looks AMAZiNNGGGGG! That orange blush, oh my word!

  2. It's very bright! I think I may as well do some face shots then people can see the blush...time to get over the camera shyness lol

  3. Yay! Definitely do some face shots!


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