Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days, I was very ill over the weekend and didn't really feel up to blogging or doing any work of any sort for some time now.

I was recently thinking of how people have to put disclaimers on their blogs or feel obliged to, I don't want to feel that way, because to my knowledge I'm not obliged to do so.

To date, I have received one set of nail polishes free of charge for this blog, and I managed to give an honest mini-review of them, you can read it here. It wasn't very detailed, but my point is that I personally am capable of writing honest reviews. This post is going to be my own disclaimer and I'll try and link it on the pages above, (I'm having trouble decoding the html!).

I appreciate that some companies/PRs that make the effort to send you things to review or as gifts may expect good reviews, because they feel that they've done you a favour by sending you a bottle of miracle serum worth £500 to review, however I actually don't think that's the case unless the blogger is the companies' personal "puppet" if you will - constantly advertising the one or two brands, that miraculously give you a 20 yr old's skin overnight...It is also their decision to send you the product to review.

I feel that myself, along with many other bloggers are capable and confident enough to review items sent for free honestly. I don't expect any rudeness, impolite words towards the brand in the review; but implying the product is absolutely useless though I think, is fine. After all it is a review. I also feel that constructive criticism is a must in the case of a product being a bit useless for the purpose for which it is designed. Another thing to remember though, is that everyone is different, and often products need to be trialled for a lengthy period of time for a decent review. I wouldn't take a review of an anti-aging serum seriously if it had only been used for 1 day, a nail polish maybe, but certainly not the serum.

A well written, honest review is what you shall be given on my blog, whether I mention if I personally purchased the product or not. It is very likely that in the text you will be able to pick up whether it was given to me or if I bought it myself, but just in case there isn't a hint, I'd like to reassure everyone that my reviews will be honest.

This is the only post I will be putting up, because it annoys me to feel as though I have to constantly make sure that somewhere I have write whether I bought the product by myself or not. I don't want to have to say my aunt's friend's sister's mother-in-law gave it to me. I'd like my readers to feel that however I got hold of the item, the way in which I review it will be my truthful opinion.

Thank you very much for reading :)


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