Friday, 24 June 2011

7 Days Of...

Hello and welcome to a new series of posts coming soon to Navilicious Beauty!

It's going to be named, 7 Days Of... After the "Of" will be a brand name, a type of product, a lone product and you get the idea! This idea came to me a while back when I was thinking about how I could review more efficiently, and I think this will help me to review and talk about products that tie in together more easily, and possibly result in more useful posts. This will be a series throughout this Summer through to the end of October, and other posts will continue alongside. I'm aiming to get around 3-4 posts up everyday to help vary content and keep up with my schedule. It may even allow my lovely readers more variety. I don't want the quality of my posts to decrease at all, so I won't start posting 3-4 each day just yet, and will build up to it once I'm able to cope!

7 Days Of... Will start from Monday 11th July 2011 and at least one post of this series will be up everyday. Each brand/product will be on Navilicious Beauty as part of this series for 7 days, after that it will be mixed in with other posts. So the brand/product is in the spotlight for a whole week! I don't think I'm explaining this very well, but once it starts I'm sure you'll understand very quickly what I mean. A quick example - 7 Days Of Sleek Makeup, this would be reviews/favourites/comparisons, etc of Sleek Makeup and their products only. Other posts would also run alongside this series everyday.

I think I've confused everyone and myself enough for now, but I hope you will tune in for this series!

Thank you for reading! :)

If you have any suggestions please leave a comment and let me know!

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