Monday, 20 June 2011

How I spent my No7 vouchers


I thought I'd talk about how I spent my No7 vouchers, they ran out the Sunday just gone by and before that I managed to collect 6 vouchers and used them all on the following. I got 3 Poppy King lipsticks and 1 lipgloss and 2 eye brushes, all with £5 off of each item!

Starting with the brushes:

- Eye Colour Brush (£6.64)
I would think this is very similar to Mac's 239 brush in terms of a brush to apply colour to the eyes. I like that it's a bit shorter than most brushes in length because I tend to bash my brush ends against the bathroom mirror when trying to get so close!

- Precision Eyeliner Brush (£6.75)
This brush reminds me of the brush you get with Maybelline's new gel eyeliner, it looks very precise too.

Onto the Poppy King lip products:

- Confidence Lipgloss (Deep brown - £11.00)
- History Lipstick (Neutral red - £12.00)
- Power Lipstick (Pink-red - £12.00)
- Seduction Lipstick (Deep plum - £12.00)

All of these look gorgeous and I can't wait to try them, I actually wish I had more No7 vouchers because I'm in a collect 'em all! Mood with these, especially the lipsticks if not the lipglosses. In this The Magic of Lipstick range there are 7 different lipsticks and corresponding lipglosses for every occasion for every woman. I think this is a permanent line with more products to be launched in future, I can't wait for the No7 vouchers to start again because I plan on collecting all these lipsticks and then onto No7's bodycare, which I've never tried before.

That's all folks! (Oh how I miss Tom and Jerry and all cartoons!) Thank you for reading! :)

How did you spend your vouchers? Do you even use them or throw them away? What are your opinions on No7?


  1. Same! I want the No7 vouchers back, wanted to try the brushes as well as a few more nail colours now they've updated the range. You chose wisely though!

  2. Thank you! :) I reckon they'll be back in a few months! We shall wait until then! :)

  3. I didn't get around to spending mine - gah! Be interested to hear how you get on with the brushes.

    Apols as I was sure I was a follower of your blog already - I def am now anyway!

  4. Oh no! Maybe next time then! Thank you for the follow! :) xx


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