Thursday, 23 June 2011

Glamour Magazine and Benefit Freebies!

I know this post is definitely past it's sell by date but I still wanted to write it, just in case anyone has missed out and assuming that a miracle has taken place, and there are still Glamour magazines out on the magazine racks!

So, as we've all read a £2 Glamour magazine with Adele on the cover (aka July 2011 copy), is going to give you one of 3 of Benefit's awesome products. On offer are:

- High Beam (4ml)
- Benetint (4ml)
- Posietint (4ml)

Altogether the sample sizes are worth £28 and you can get them for £6. I bought 3 of each, because I'm a piglet, yes. Also because I will use them all! Even though one should last a reasonably long's hard to convince myself of my crazy makeup splurges anymore...*sigh*

So there we have it! It's all that you need to know really, so if you haven't already picked at least one of these up, you are now armed with the information to go get you some Benefit!

Thank you for reading! :)

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