Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Review: ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Bark

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Apologies for not using my own image, my one is very nearly finished and completely battered and messy!This is available from ELF's website for £1.50, and the name of liquid lipstick is completely misleading, this is not a lipstick in any way, shape or form. This is a 0.001% thicker than your average lipgloss, lipgloss. Now a few points to note:

1) The consistency - it is not very thick, as one would expect from a liquid lipstick, emphasis on the lipstick.
2) The pigmentation - is great for a lipgloss, but gives nowhere near enough coverage as a lipstick would.
3) The applicator - this point is actually why this could be called a liquid lipstick, because of the slanted sponge applicator.

So yes, in my opinion this is much more similar to a lipgloss, this is my only concern/dislike of this product, because of the claim it makes to be a liquid lipstick.

Back to the actual item...this shade is a neutral pink/brown nude, focusing on the brown much more so than the pink (at least on my one!). It glides on beautifully, once you twist the click-pen up, like a Stila lip glaze. The option of choosing how much of the "lipstick" you want on is there too, so heavy or light, I prefer just a light coat because it tends to feel a little sticky to me if I load it on. It's easy to use, very affordable and travel-friendly. The wear is only about 2-3hours on me, without eating/drinking, with it is about 1-2hours.

Overall, I really like it, it's a lovely nude shade, I tend to use it alone and over actual lipsticks and it adds a nice glossy sheen to your lips. The issue is with the naming, and that it can get slightly messy to use after a while, so I like to wipe it clean. Although I suppose that can be said of all makeup products! I give it an 8/10, if it was called a lipgloss or lip - something else, I would have given it a higher mark, possibly 9/10, because in terms of all the claims made, it would have done exactly that! (Aside from the slightly messy part!)

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