Friday, 11 March 2011

Mini Body Shop Haul :)

This was bought before the proper ban took place but arrived yesterday! Which is actually quite quick to be honest!

I bought the Oil Free Balancing Foundation SPF15 for £13 in shade 6, which I tried in the shop and I believe this may be a shade that actually matches my skin colour! *angels sing* However, I tried shade 5 too and I couldn't really pick out the direct difference between them so I chose shade 6, and we'll see how it goes... (and shade 5 came across slightly more difficult to blend, and a bit was probably just the tester being ages old...)

I also bought the Tailored Cheek Tint for Spring in Hot Pink for £10, this looks very strange to me as it has a brush applicator, but I love the packaging designed by the London College of Fashion.

For buying 2 makeup products I got their new Carbon Eye Definer in Black worth £9!

Finally I bought Tea Tree Blotting Tissues for £4.50, I needed blotting paper/tissues of some sort because near the end of the day I tend to use my hands to clear the excess oil and then go to wash my face which isn't very nice, so I thought blotting tissues would be handy. These look great and the package is so small! 65 tissues will probably last me about 2 months if they're of a decent size! If I fall in love with them I'll buy a pack for every handbag I own! :)

I also purchased the Love Your Body Card, which is The Body Shop's Loyalty Card offering:

- 10% off all purchases for a year
- £5 reward on the 4th stamp
- £10 reward on the 8th stamp
- £5 present on your birthday
- Exclusive member discounts

And it cost me £5. I've had one before but in all honesty I think it made me make sure I bought things from the Body Shop even if I didn't really intend I'm not sure about it, but I do like the discounts and rewards. To get a stamp though you have to spend a minimum of £10, it's not very difficult though, seeing as a blush costs £10 alone!

For spending over £25 I received this Vitamin E Hand and Nail Treatment worth £8!

I'm really very impressed with the Body Shop and the free items worth £17! I received the package after about 2 days of ordering I think, ( I can never tell because I order in the middle of the night!) so overall very happy :)

I will review these products as soon as I make sufficient use out of them, have you tried anything? Like/Love/Hate?

Thank you for reading! :)

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  1. a nice haul :) i look forward to your reviews :)


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