Thursday, 10 March 2011

Glamour Magazine's Great Givings...

As with the rest of the women in the UK I picked up a few copies of Glamour Magazine, surprisingly not as many as I initially thought I would...I got 2 from one newsagent and then decided I wanted a moisturiser so picked up another, a total of 3 magazines, and £6 spent.

As part of their 10 year celebration they are giving away 10 different mini Clinique products, I picked up the lipstick, which is absolutely gorgeous, the 7 day scrub and the moisture extend moisturiser. I haven't pictured that because I literally just bought the magazine!

It also really frustrated me that so many people had ripped the magazine cover apart, taken the Clinique product and left. If you want the item, buy the magazine like the rest of us!

Anyways, there are still a fair few magazines left so make sure you don't miss out if like myself, you love Clinique! :)

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