Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Book Club: What are you reading right now?


I've decided to start a book club on here because blogging on 3+ blogs would be a nightmare I think, and this will be open for males and females too! If need be, I'll move it over to another blog :)

So! Let's get started, please leave a comment saying what you're reading right now, and on my next post in relation to The Book Club we'll maybe discuss different books and see if anyone else has read them!

At the moment I'm reading the Vampire Diaries books 1+2 by L.J.Smith, The Awakening and The Struggle. I will review and talk about it in the next post...

Thank you for reading :D


  1. A book club is a great idea :) since I'm a avid book reader, currently I am rereading deus encarnime from the blood angels series I am throughly enjoying the book and though this is my third time reason it I still fin it exciting and gripping, I am looking to purchase a few new books as I have completed every book I own ^_^

  2. Mustafa - Ah I see, I think you mean wait for your girlfriend to buy you more books...ah! Lol

  3. That's a rather uunfair comment !! ;) xx


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