Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy March! :D

I cant' believe it's March already! Wow! I remember my New Year's Eve like it was yesterday...

Time goes really quickly and soon it'll have been a year on this blog! I know that I don't update as regularly as I would like to but I don't feel obliged to blog; I like to post when I feel like it and out of my own will. It's also very relaxing so I usually blog in the evenings or at night, this post being the odd one out of course.

I haven't had many giveaways yet because it's quite difficult to afford such expensive beauty products regularly, I know I'd like to have a lot more because they seem fun, please don't forget to enter my current one until 10th March here. Take a look at the prizes here.

I've also started using my makeup a lot more as opposed to hunting it down or certain items and just sticking it in a draw so that I have it and it looks pretty and organised. I think this is a major thing for me because I don't even have 5 seconds to spare in the morning and am constantly in a rush. I think this could be due to how little sleep I get and because of my love of staying awake at night, I don't actually think I'm an insomniac anymore - if I turned everything off I'm pretty sure I'd knock out soon.

I'm glad that I started my makeup ban on 1st February but unfortunately I haven't stuck to it in its entire form, I managed to haul some really pretty nail colours and a Clinique chubby stick, but I'm going to wait until I do finsih products until I can use them. I've finished a body butter at the moment, so still about 20 items to finish yet. The reason I wanted to finish them is so that I can try new things, I don't like to have a backlog of items and having such a large selection would mean that I wouldn't use all the items within the safe expiry dates and I dislike wasting things! I also hardly ever purchase the same product again unless I absolutely love it because I don't think the beauty industry allows for repurchasing to take place, because there are so many beauty products that I want to try everything.

The ban has also been a factor in me using up my products and making sure I put lotion on after my shower everyday and using my face cream at night because I know that if I finish it I'm allowed a new item, so my skin seems to have improved a little too!

I'm actually enjoying and hating the ban at the same time!

Anyway, thank you for following my blog, I really appreciate it, and it makes me feel appreciated too :)

Thank you for reading,

Nav x


  1. I'm trying to use things up rather than buying new things - I've got so much shower gel etc that I get bought for Christmas it's just silly! I keep buying stuff though...

  2. Hi Lucy! I know what you mean, I have so many shower gels and gift sets, and whenever I see an offer I want to stock up on everything...lol!

  3. It's great following you, and you should stick to your make up ban and u have 24 items to finish as I recall :) lol but ur doing well keep up the great work on the blog it's much appreciate. As for ne I tend to only buy things when I finish but being a guy that varies, I also stick to my favourite brand for instance lynx for deodorant and shower gel :)

  4. Dear Mustafa,


    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx nooo 20! I finished a body butterrr xxxx


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