Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Review - Yummy Strawberries: The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

This yummy butter has been in my body butter/cream collection since forever. It is truly amazing, on several occasions  I've had people wondering where that gorgeous smell of strawberries is coming from, and it's been me! :)

It costs £12.50 for 200ml at The Body Shop and currently they have an offer of "2 for £15" which means you save £10! If you are a member of their loyalty card club then that's another 10% off which is even better.

The colour of the butter itself is a lovely baby pink and the consistency is quite thick, once on your arm/leg/wherever it melts in smoothly as you rub it in. The smell is yummy - as mentioned before...and you smell like strawberries all day long. Although the concentration levels of the smell do decrease gradually throughout the day...It contains strawberry seed oil, cocoa and shea butter, increasing it's moisturising properties. The Body Shop say that it's for normal skin, but I think it'd be fine for dry skin or any other skin type too!

I'd like to share an experience where I've been the "smell of the ball"! I went out camping with my friends close to the countryside, as you know the hygiene facilities are disgusting and vile, so of course they were avoided at all costs. We were hiking along and someone spotted a much better set of showers and we all had a ball actually cleaning ourselves properly in maybe 2/3days. We then reached back to the campsite and as we were training for an award the examiner decided that we had visited a hotel because he could smell a strong strawberry scent! I then had to explain the reason I smelt the best - the body butter of course, and he was very hesistant to believe my story...although I did eventually get my award! Even though this little anecdote doesn't allow you to fully understand the amazing-ness of this butter, I highly recommend for you to try it out! :)

I don't really know what else to say about this butter, it's just amazing and definitely one of my many favourites. I want to venture out and try different flavours of it but I love this one too much!

Thank you so much for reading this post!

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