Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Review: Milani nail lacquer in 'pretty porcelain'

Summery, peach and gorgeous. What can this be I hear you cry?

Can only be Milani's nail lacquer! This shiny wonder was an accidental buy by a friend, she didn't like the polish once it was home and I saw my opportunity! It's a wonderful shade, very flattering I would think on all skin tones, and goes on quickly and smoothly. I also have less of an issue waiting for my nails to dry fully with this lacquer, as usually I still manage to get my fingerprints on other lacquers hours later!

I believe it to be the perfect peachy, coral colour for summer and makes your fingernails look lovely and - for want of a better word - perfect.

I do not remember the cost, but it was bought from Beauty Base, and I do not think it was very pricey...maybe £2-£3? I am aware that in the US they retail at $4.49.

I have not found any problems with it, the consistency is quite thin, I think that's what makes application of colour easier and drying time less.

I give 8/10 as it is very efficient for the price I (aka my friend!) paid. The reason I knocked off 2 marks is because I have better coloured nail lacquers and I don't feel this is the best nail lacquer, after all 10/10 is only for the very best!

Thank you for reading my post, please comment and let me know your opinion of Milani nail lacquers :)

nav x


  1. oooh! I'm gonna have to try this.. I don't think I have anything quite like this color. I do have one milani nail polish in a gold color and I LOVE it so I'll definitely try this one!

  2. Thank you for your comment Mrs Paige :)

    I really want to get OPI nail lacquers and try them but they're £9.95 per lacquer :( and never have any offers on...


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