Saturday, 28 August 2010

Review: Gel or Cream?...Handcream?

This post is going to be about a confusing handcream, changing texture from a gel to a cream and then disappearing into your hands! The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Handcream.

The feel of the handcream is that of "Vaseline" (an oily gel-like substance) and once rubbed together between hands changes into a cream. This then disappears very soon after another "rubbing" of hands and the effects are felt long after.

It retails for £3.49, and I got mine by using my advantage card points at Boots so was very happy with my "points purchase"! I must say it's very sad to watch the points go though...

Anyway, I think this handcream is a definite for dry hands as the effect lasts for a very long time, and over about a month I've noticed a softer feel on my hands and a lesser need to use it, however I still do try to use it often so the routine keeps going.

Overall I do think you should try it, and if you don't like it pass it on to one of your friends/family to try, it's a cheap product, works well, if you find you dislike it, move it on!

Thank you for reading my quick review :)

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  1. I like this cream as well- it feels like it leaves a silky coating on my hands, and it's soothing as well. It's just hard to squeeze out of the tube because the hole is so small, and the consistency is so thick! :D


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