Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Graze - nature delivered

This is a very interesting company I came across recently from a few blogs but unfortunately I don't remember which... *ashamed face*

Anyway...they sounded amazing so I ordered! Graze are basically a company which provide "healthy eating by post" sending you 4 different nutritionally balanced treats every week or however often or less often you desire and I asked for mine to be delivered every Tuesday and got mine today!

For £3.49 per box I think this is a really good idea, there are also tailored boxes allowing you to intake more high energy foods or to help you lose weight. You can also pick what you would like delivered and what you like/love/never want to receive (bin).

I really like the service and brilliant idea, however I think it'll take me some time to decide if I want to continue spending roughly £200 on a box per week or if I can do without and save the money, as the boxes are quite small, between 20-35g is the amount I've got so far.

To get your first Graze box for FREE and the second for ONLY £1.74 click on the code below to go the website with the code already entered for you!

Thank you for reading! :)

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