Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Review: Boots Natural Collection Face Masks

These are 2 face masks I picked up from Boots on my regular visits for 99p each, although I'm pretty sure they're £1.01 now thanks to the VAT increase! Also, apologies for the labeling as Beauty Blogging Away, as I'm sure everyone knows I've decided to change the name and layout to The Beauty Chat.

So back to the masks, the one on the left is a Wild Strawberry Face Mask, it smells amazing and exactly like strawberries have been plonked generously onto you face. It's not as thick as I expect the average mask to be, and is very soothing to the skin. You receive 10ml in each sachet which is plenty for 2-3 applications, I tried to make 10ml work for 1 application and it was far too much! This mask smells great, feels great on the skin and makes my skin feel softer once taken off. It's easy to apply and to remove you just wash your face in warm water - job done.

The mask on the right is the Rosemary and Witch Hazel mask, more so for blemish prone, oily, combination, problem skin. I really liked this mask, it has a thicker consistency than the Wild Strawberry mask and smells a bit like Witch Hazel I think. After using this mask my pores seemed a little more reduced and my skin smoother and a lot happier in general. This also has enough for 2-3 applications and you can generally squeeze out 3! Application and removal is easy and the effect is what I'd expect from a mask.

At £1.01 each I think these are great, easy masks to use and a little treat a few times a week. I enjoyed using these and would recommend them for all skin types, but maybe not the Witch Hazel one for extremely sensitive skin types. Overall I'd give these masks a 7/10 because they're not magical or extremely amazing, just your standard face mask that smells lovely!

Thank you for reading! :)

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