Friday, 13 May 2011

Features on BBA

Hello all! :)

This is a quick post briefly outlining all the features on BBA/Twitter

Monday Twitter Giveaway: This is a very recent feature that I thought would be cool to do especially as I buy lots of backups and it turns out that I don't like the product or won't finish one for the next 5billion years so I can give it away feeling good about myself! Every Monday I will post a new giveaway, please don't expect huge packages or palettes and so on, it'll be one product only and some Mondays I may be too busy, etc but will let you know! Follow me on for your chance to be entered and win! (Giveaways will run until the Wednesday until 10pm.)

Monthly Favourites: This is a monthly post outlining my favourite products of the previous month, I haven't been doing these religiously because I don't wear makeup very often because I sleep late, wake up late, no time, etc. I am trying to improve this though so hopefully you'll see more of these in future!

Beauty to Watch: This was a feature early on when I started blogging about what was to be released next month and what to watch out for. As I don't recieve much information on this from brands themselves or anywhere, these posts are the most difficult to do, so until I do receive a regular schedule or any type of information, these posts will be sparse and few but there.

The Beauty Rant: This is where I let out my frustration about something in the beauty world that has offended me or I find silly - e.g advertisements promoting mascara with false lashes...

Beauty on a Budget: This label will be added to everything that is considered cheap and cheerful that I blog about, click on the label so you can see all the purse-friendly posts/products.

The Makeup Ban: This has now become more of a product finishing project more so than a ban, but to save money I'm trying to stop spending so much on beauty products because I honestly have enough to last me at least 10 years! I also post whenever I finish a good amount of products (makes me feel better haha!)

Questions/Requests: If there are any questions or requests for me please leave them on these posts.

Question: I ask you beauty related questions and give my own answer too! Please feel free to submit any you may have to

Rambles: These are random posts about anything, maybe beauty, maybe shopping, anything :)

And that is all the features are there so that you know what I'm talking about and can relate the title to content of the post!

Thank you so much for reading :)

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