Friday, 25 February 2011

Review: Soap and Glory The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel

This facial mask/exfoliator/peel is really effective in terms of what it says it will do. It is available at Boots and other retailers for £7.15.

Soap and Glory say that this is best for "greasy, spot prone or problem skin, or for a strategic attack on a misbehaving T-Zone." They also add details about their "Poreshrink-R Complex", which contains the following:
  • "Fomes Officinalis Extract: A mushroom extract to tighten pores.
  • Salicylic Acid: which loosens up the dead cells that contribute to pore clogging
  • Kaolin: That’s ‘cosmetic’ for clay. It sops up extra oil on your skin and smooths your skin’s surface!
  • Vitamins E & C: Antioxidants. Just because you’re oily, doesn’t mean you’re not aging"
My opinion:

This is an effective scrub/mask/everything to do with your face, the formula/texture is soft and creamy and has little blue/green beads that you rub into your skin while applying the mask and they burst. This is a fun process - burst every bead or you can't start timing the entire 5/15 minutes for the mask, depending on which you choose.

When the mask is on, it doesn't dry so you can still move your face fortunately - woo! I usually keep it on for 15 minutes because I feel it does a slightly better job than leaving it on for only 5 minutes.

After you take the peel off I've always found that it leaves a white-ish residue on my skin and all of a sudden I have a lot of skin sort of "peeling" off, especially around my T-zone. I think this is what they mean by the "peel" but I really don't like that part and scrub especially hard to get the flaky skin off and moisturise loads too. The positive points are that it's effective, it does what it says, peels my also evens out my complexion really well which is something I hadn't found in a mask/scrub/peel before, and it looks like I have fewer blemishes. These are the immediate effects only though.

After a few months of using it, (I'd say 3 months, I didn't use it 2-3 times a week, probably 1-2 times) I found my skin to look more even in tone but I didn't notice any other majorly favourable changes. My T-zone remains as oily as it chooses to be and my blemishes are still present sadly, but generally, overall skin does look better.

I found picking a rating quite difficult as it does a useful job but not exactly what it claims or what I expected and it's slightly more in price than I'd like to pay...probably a 7/10.

Thank you for reading, please leave your comments below, have you tried this? PASS/FAIL? :)

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  1. Never tried the product, but I love the packaging! It looks so retro! :)


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