Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Makeup Ban... :/

Yes you read correctly...I have banned myself from all makeup, beauty, skincare, bodycare and haircare products.

Why? Because I have a ridiculous amount of everything already!

I've decided to save up for the better things in life and I shall permit myself to purchase makeup when there is a limited edition item that I've fallen in love with or is of very high value for money.

I also intend on reviewing every single item in my collection before I'm allowed to buy new things and using things up before I can buy new things. For every 3 drugstore items I finish I'll buy 1 item. However I'm not going to apply this to high-end products because I want to maintain a collection, I don't want to realise I have no makeup left at all! :/ That would be a nightmare...drugstore is also less expensive so I think this would be best to save money and feed the addiction at the same time if necessary.

I'll keep you updated on how it's going. At the moment I haven't finished any products but for every 3 small/drugstore ones I do finish I will post and tell you what I've bought in replacement! :)

This ban has started from 1st February 2011 and I hope to keep it up until 1st August 2011, for 6 months and then I'll review it. For high-end products I've decided I'll buy one when I finish 3 drugstore ones, so same thing :)

I have more than enough makeup/skincare/haircare/beauty to last me until then. Maybe not enough shampoo but I'll allow myself to buy that when needed!

Thank you for reading and please comment below if you have a similar addiction you need to control!


  1. good luck! this sounds like it will be super hard!!


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