Sunday, 16 January 2011

Review: Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel

This is the branded spot gel by the famous Dr Nick Lowe, internationally renowned dermatologist. It is available at Boots at £9.18 for 15ml.

The Packaging: It's of a clinical appearance which makes the consumer believe the gel will work to amazing standards, otherwise it's very simple and neat.

The Product: I'm sorry to say but this is by far the worst spot reducing gel I have ever used, and I have used so many I've lost count. The gel itself is of an average consistency and is transparent, once placed onto the skin it sits there like a random blob, eventually it dries into a PVA-glue-like seal that you can rub off, all of this and the size of the blemish remains exactly the same with no change whatsoever. I repeated this process several times to see if there was a change or my skin was failing me, unfortunately no change again, which is contrary to the claims it makes.

After a few months (now) the gel appears out of nowhere without me squeezing the tube, I hope that this was a faulty one, but I don't think that would make sense. It's certainly not worth the price tag.

I have purchased full sizes of the blemish range face wash, toner and cream and hope to review those soon, hopefully they'll be much better!

Overall I give it 1/10, the 1 mark for the packaging, thank you for reading!

Please leave your comments below on your experiences with such blemish gels :)

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