Sunday, 30 January 2011

Review: 17 Eyes Trio in "Metallic Toffee"

I love this eyeshadow trio! I've been using it a lot as a neutral look for everyday, it's a shimmery trio which I think makes it very pretty. It's not over the top so it can be worn to work/school and not appear overly dramatic.

I like the packaging, it's very simple and there are 3 coordinating eyeshadows in it. There is a creamy shimmery white colour, a copper/light bronze colour and a deeper brown colour. I usually use the creamy colour as a highlight on the inner corners, the coppery colour as an all over colour and the deep brown as a crease/outer V colour. This creates a very pretty, easy to do neutral look.

The colours are very pigmented, easy to apply and easy to blend, and I also think they would be suitable for every skin tone.

17 have a larger range of these trios, most of which coordinate with one another, I would definitely recommend this, it's also very affordable at £5.49 from Boots.

I give this trio a 9/10 because I'm sure the copper/brown colours will finish a lot quicker than the creamy colour meaning I'll have to keep the pot around for longer!

Overall it is amazing quality for such a price and I would certainly recommend it, especially as it's so easy to use! And using the colours separately so mnay variations on looks can be created, I think it would be brilliant for summer too!


  1. Looks so pretty! I know I love my 17 eyeshadow trio! :)


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