Monday, 31 January 2011

Review: Boots Ingredients Cocoa Butter and Mallow Body Lotion

This is such a handy body lotion to have! It's very moisturising and smells amazing. The scent is flowery but muted, so not overwhelming, it also doesn't linger around for long unless you directly sniff your skin, which is a bonus for me as I find a lot of very strong scents give me headaches unfortunately.

It's only £1.99 and I've used it for a week now and I still have so much left! It's in a 300ml pump bottle which you can twist to dispense or lock the pump so there's no waste! It feels very light on the skin and sinks in quickly, it's not a rich butter if that's what you're after. I think this would be most suited to the summer months because of it's light texture but it works well on elbows and knees so I really like it. It's not my favourite ever so I give it an 8/10.

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