Wednesday, 4 January 2012

No More Beauty Boxes/Run-Down


I tweeted about this before but I thought I would make a public announcement on the blog, for the year of 2012 I will not be subscribed to any beauty boxes, apart from Amarya because I bought a year's subscription, so that'll end in the summer.

I hope all the beauty box posts were helpful, and I really enjoyed receiving so many parcels each month, unfortunately I can't afford them anymore, and I have no need for any more toiletries/soaps/makeup at all, so it would be pointless to continue with the subscriptions.

Here's a quick rundown of each box:

GlossyBox - a slightly controversial box, due to the ups and downs, costing £12.95 per month, including a generally well balanced selection of beauty products. Comes in a baby pink shoe box type box.

Feel Unique - the cheapest box at £9.95 per month or can be paid for a year, comes in a slide out box, very sturdy. Excellent value for money and excellent products.

Carmine - costing £12.75 per month, or can be paid for for 6 months or a year, is a very large box where the lid covers the sides of the box making it difficult to open. The products inside have always been amazing and interesting new finds.

Amarya - this box is £10 per month or can be bought for a year, it includes organic/natural products, also a great box.

Boudoir Prive/JolieBox - this box now costs £12.95 I believe but remained at £10 for all those subscribed before a certain month. This box was a great box but I didn't think it kept up with the other boxes with the size of samples or the brands, after seeing a few JolieBox posts I think JolieBox looks much much better.

My Top Boxes:

Carmine and Feel Unique - both have never put a foot wrong in my eyes and gave exactly what was expected, I also liked most of the samples. Amarya is a great box but I don't think the natural/organic theme sits perfectly with me.

Overall Thoughts:

Beauty boxes are a great way to sample new products and have a little treat every month, for me they were all great but they can become a major drain on finances, especially if like me you only use 3 items out of every 5 and have had to re-home 2 every month, it became a bit of a bore too. Blogging about them was fun, maybe I'll subscribe again in 2013, I'll try to blog Amarya's boxes as much as I can!

Thank you for reading x


  1. I only receive GlossyBox at the moment, but I'm generally pleased with it. Always tempted to try another but really I should save the money.

  2. I also subbed to Amarya for a year, still deciding which other boxes to keep, FU and JB for definite x

  3. Still debating continuing with the glossy box X

  4. I'm debating whether to keep or cancel my Carmine box - don't get me wrong, I do enjoy seeing these lovely products each month, but £12.75 I need to save due to financial circumstances this year. But I will see . . .Your Beauty Boxes sampling posts have been very interesting and informative, so thank you for doing this.


  5. brilliant run down of the boxes, i read loads of blogs before i subscribed to get an idea of their contents and I eventually plumped for feel unique. I've been really happy with it too. I know some of the people who have signed up for various boxes without doing much research and they've been unhappy. I'm glad I checked out other bloggers. I was initially going to get a glossybox and saw some fab bloggers had taken pics of their boxes and saw there was nothing in it I liked.

    So it was great, thanks for being a great guide to other bloggers out there who are pondering which box to get :)


  6. I might check out this feel unique box. I have had a bad experience with the glossy box and wont be subscribing again. even though i loved the idea and the products. bad customers service.

  7. @Viktoria it can be very tempting but I think I'm over it now, I'd rather save the money!

    @Beauty Balm I didn't know I wouldn't want any of the boxes anymore and could have saved around £100! Silly me x

    @Char it's a good box, I guess you could see how it goes for the next few months and decide!

    @Serenity of Beauty thank you for reading! Without people to read my posts it would be pointless! I'm losing all of them for the same reason, I need to save money and I already have enough toiletries/makeup for 4 people!

    @Dawniepants thank you, Feel Unique is definitely a great box, Glossybox can be a hit or miss with everyone I've noticed too x

    @adoreabubbles the Feel Unique box is great, unfortunately a lot of people have said that about Glossybox - hence the "controversial" part! I hope you enjoy Feel Unique's box!

  8. I tend to dip in and out of these boxes as and when I feel like it - I don't want one every month as I feel like I end up with a lot of "stuff" that I don't want/need/use.

  9. Wow!!! You are radical!!!
    But I couldn't agree more, in the end of the day we spend a lot and really don't use everything that comes in the boxes!

    I HAD to cancel all my subscription as well cause I've moved back to Brazil for a while so it will be good to save some money and to finish everything I've already got!


  10. @Lucy I think that's a really good idea too, so you get what you want!

    @Lívia Moreira ha yep been spending way too much! Good luck finishing things! :) I'm still working through my huge stash xx

  11. I’ve been subscribing to most of these beauty boxes too – GlossyBox, Boudoir Prive (JolieBox), Feel Unique, Carmine. My favourite so far has to be the JolieBox, followed by Carmine. Feel Unique is good value for money but GlossyBox is the one that I like least because I always seem to get samples that are not as good as other bloggers’ (subscribers get a selection of samples which differ slightly from one to another). Have you used Latest in Beauty? They do good boxes that are cheaper and more user friendly too.

  12. heyy, love your blog! i have few question.. if i decide to order some beauty box, do You know that can i stop ordering it? for example, can i pay only for 1 or 2 months and stop paying? :)

  13. @Ryvita I've never tried Joliebox but it was only the first one so I wouldn't judge it just by that one, they all have great first boxes ;) I haven't used Latest in Beauty because of the amount of questions they ask to sign-up, which really put me off!

    @lostinlv Hi! You can do that, you can order for one month and cancel if you wanted to

  14. I saw your site through someone else's blog reviewing their secret santa - what a lovely idea!
    Now following you via GFC and Twitter (@FreshLookBlogs)! I really love beauty box reviews as well; I'm always wondering if there's a better one than Carmine! I'm the same as you, though - been really pleased so far.

    Please take a look at my beauty blog and follow back if you like! 

    1. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by and following! :) I think all of them have been pretty great, just a bit costly! Especially for things you may or may not use! x

  15. I can totally see where you're coming from. I should probably give them up too as I don't really have that much money to fritter away on samples. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine and enter my free MAC cosmetics giveaway!

    Laura x

    1. I know, I really feel strained for any spare money now! Thanks for the follow, I'll definitely check out your blog! x

  16. Great post, its nice to read a run down of all the boxes rather than just one then I can pick and choose the one I would like to join up to:)now following :) x


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