Friday, 22 July 2011

Review: Stila Cosmetics Lip Glaze in Fig

This is a luxury lipgloss by Stila Cosmetics priced at £15 for 2.4ml/.08fl oz although this particular shade is no longer available. Stila Cosmetics have recently launched into Boots and are available in larger stores as well as online, their products are also available to purchase on various online cosmetics stores such as and I chose to write this review as I expect that the formula of the lip glazes will be very similar, and the colour the only difference, however I may be incorrect.

Fig is a non-sticky sheer mauve-toned pink lipgloss with small sparkles, it is packaged in a twist-click pen with a lip brush on the end to apply the product directly to the lips. It also has the scent of a fig. The lip brush is very soft and the application process is simple and easy. The gloss applies smoothly and well, to my surprise it was very hydrating to the lips so I no longer ensure I apply lip balm before and apply only the lip glaze. This lasts for around 2-3hours on my lips with eating and drinking and around 3 hours without. The moisture lingers for longer slightly longer though.

It is easy to travel with, fortunately I haven't experienced any leaking of product into my makeup bag or handbag. The glaze makes lips look a little more fuller and is shiny, the colour isn't very noticeable unless you have very neutral-pink toned lips, although other shades may be more clearly visible on the lips. The sparkle is very subtle making it suitable for day and night. The amount of product lasts for a very long time as only a little is needed for one application, and many people like to switch around lip products, I think if used everyday once, the glaze would last for about 4-6weeks.

Overall: The packaging is certainly innovative and I like the glaze itself, but for such a small amount of colour on the lips and a pretty average sheer lip gloss aside from the particular scent, I don't like the price. I think that there are many other alternatives available that provide similar qualities for a lower price. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a full description for a more thorough comparison of claims and results, I give this a 7/10 because it is nice and I didn't experience any issues but does not have any outstanding qualities to make it worth the £15.

Have you tried any Stila Lip Glazes? What did you think?


  1. This color is pretty! I have the stila lip glaze in kitten and I like it, but it's pretty expensive for such little product :/

  2. I really like this but I wouldn't repurchase because of thhe price and the availability of such similar products at much lower prices!


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