Friday, 22 July 2011

Review: E.l.f Cosmetics Studio Tinted Moisturiser SPF20

This is available from at £3.50 for 20ml/0.7fl oz, however on my particular one the packaging claims it to be 25ml/0.88fl oz...I do believe this to be incorrect as it feels very light! It is available in 7 different shades, listed with mini-descriptions and pictures on their website. I found the descriptions incredibly useful, otherwise would have no doubt picked the wrong shade! (However Beige oxidises slightly when on the skin making it a little too orange on my skin, but isn't too bad.)

What e.l.f cosmetics say:

This lightweight and hydrating formula is breathable and provides anti-aging sun protection with UVA/UVB SPF 20. Achieve even skin tone and naturally radiant skin with this moisturizing sheer tint of color. The smooth formula enhances your complexion with the nourishing key ingredients Aloe, Cucumber and Vitamins A, C and E.

The packaging of the tinted moisturiser is very sleek and compact, it easily fits into a makeup bag and even in your handbag for on-the-go if you like to touch-up your makeup during the day. Application is easy, I have used my fingers, e.l.f's stipple brush and a foundation brush, all methods resulted in a flawless application and well moisturised skin. Using this both with and without my daily moisturiser, I do recommend that you use your moisturiser anyway, regardless of your skin type. My reasoning for this is because I felt that when I applied this on top of moisturiser it blended into the skin better and lasted longer throughout the day. My skin also had a good "drink" of moisture so it was happy!

The tinted moisturiser lasts all day on me, (around 8-9hours) without any problems, as I have combination skin my T-Zone does get a little oily during the day so I tend to either wipe my makeup off because I get fed up of it and feel disgusting, or I dust e.l.f's HD Powder on top of my T-zone, or use The Body Shop's Tea Tree Blotting Sheets. The powder or blotting sheets don't interfere with the moisturiser so that's great. On occasions I have set it with e.l.f's HD Powder and found that it lasts longer too.

Squidge of Beige on left, blended swatch on right.

It does not fade throughout the day but sometimes does rub off when I've accidentally touched my face - ever so slightly though. The finish is one that would be expected of a good tinted moisturiser, it is lightweight, fresh, provides an even-skintone, a very natural look and some radiance. It sits very comfortably on the skin and the complexion is enhanced. The SPF given is 20, however generally a generous application is required to achieve the given factor, another reason to apply extra sunscreen before! The value of this is good I think, but not great, 20ml lasted me for about 3weeks daily and I have a little left. I wouldn't want to have to repurchase every 3 weeks, so a little more product would be appreciated!

Overall: I think this is a fantastic tinted moisturiser for such a low price, even better when e.l.f have offers on saving us money! The claims e.l.f cosmetics make are definitely correct. It has a few tiny issues but that may just be me being very picky, I give this an 8/10 and definitely recommend it!


  1. I've been wanting to try this, but keep forgetting to order it! I'm glad to know you like it! I think I'll try it :) Thanks for the review!

  2. Great review. I was thinking to get this tinted moisturiser a few months ago. I may give it a go after reading your review :)

  3. @Paige - It is awesome! And so moistusising too! :) thank you for reading!

    @Pyari Beauty - Thank you! It is a lovely tinted moisturiser :)

  4. i really want to get this product! ive heard good and bad reviews on it, that it doesnt have alot of product in it! but its so cheap


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